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College Planning

Online College Planning Resources

GCC Enrollment Center

At the GCC Enrollment Center youll find cross-trained experts to direct you to the resources and advisors you need, from academic advising, registering for classes, applying for financial aid, or paying tuition.

Ferguson's College Planning and Financial Aid

Whether it is picking a college major, choosing the right school, or learning about financial aid opportunities, Ferguson's College Planning and Financial Aid page has a wealth of resources to help you plan your education and future.

College Navigator

Looking to explore different colleges, The College Navigator allows you to see important facts and information about colleges throughout the nation.

College Source Online

Access to more than 39,000 course catalogs from U.S. and international colleges and universities. Includes complete cover-to-cover original page format of 2-year, 4-year, graduate, professional schools, and international schools. Entries include a college profile and a link to their web page. (Not Available from Off-Campus)

GCC Career and College Book Search

At the GCC Library, we have an entire collection of books and resources dedicated to helping students make informed career and college choices. This link takes you to a search box that will allow you to search this collection for resources.

College Planning Books


College Majors Handbook
by Fogg, Neeta

9781593577711Neeta P. Fogg; Paul E. Harrington; Thomas F. Harrington; Laurence ShatkinCollege Majors Handbook with Real Career Paths and Payoffs: The Actual Jobs, Earnings, and Trends for Graduates of 50 College MajorsThis is the only book that provides information on the actual jobs and earning of college graduates in 50 majors. Based on an updated US Census Bureau study for 170,000 college graduates, this handbook offers accurate and helpful information for choosing college majors or deciding what to do with a degree that's already been earned. Readers will discover which majors are the best investment, the job and salary prospects for specific majors, the employment growth rates through 2018 for particular majors, what each major's graduates do on the job, how many of a major's graduates go on to additional education, and more. Now in its third edition, this best-selling title includes completely updated data, tables, and content. New information and tables cover how closely related graduates jobs are to their major; reasons why graduates work in jobs not related to their major; the percentages of graduates in each major working in small, medium, and large organizations; the percentage of graduates in each major working in new businesses; and graduates' levels of job satisfaction when compared to graduates of other majors. Other updated chapters discuss the important steps to take before college to ensure future career success, the earning premium related to a college education, the misinformation that exists about college costs, and the mistaken belief that "sticker price" of college is the final price. - Description from Syndetics
Glendale CC Library - CARCOLL - HF5382.5.U5 F644 2012
College Majors Handbook Book Cover

College Major Quizzes
by Liptak, John J

9781593578671John J. LiptakCollege Major Quizzes: 12 Easy Tests to Discover Which Programs Are BestDespite economic slowdown, or perhaps because of it, college enrollment is booming. More adults are going back to school to upgrade their skills or change careers entirely. More high school students are entering college, uncertain of what to study but certain they need a degree. The result: more and more students are encountering the obstacle that is choosing a college major. The 12 assessements in College Major Quizzes coach readers through the process of making that decision. By assessing their skills, interest, values, goals, personality, preferences, motives, assumptions, learning styles, and long-term career plans, this book helps readers explore their options, evaluate the merits of each, and choose the college program that fits them and their career goals best. The quizzes are easy to take, score, and interpret, and each chapter contains checklists and activities to help readers make the most of their results. In addition, the book includes brief descriptions of the 100 most common college majors, making it easy for students to research their options and confirm their choices. - Description from Syndetics
Glendale CC Library - CARCOLL - LB2361.5 .L56 2011
College Major Quizzes Book Cover

50 Best College Majors for a Secure Future
by Shatkin, Laurence

9781593577261Laurence Shatkin; JIST Publishing Editors50 Best College Majors for a Secure Future50 Best College Majors for a Secure Future is a timely guide about which education paths are most likely to connect to rewarding careers during flourishing and floundering economic climates. In just two steps, this eye-opening book pinpoints the best majors that connect to rewarding jobs with great stability. First, readers explore 40 lists that rank majors with jobs that pay the most, are growing quickly, have many openings, suit various interests and personality types, and more. A bonus list reveals the best recession-proof courses to improve an otherwise risky major. Next, readers review descriptions of the majors and related jobs that appeal to them. These extensive descriptions are packed with information about specializations in the major, typical sequences of high school and college courses, related secure jobs, beginning and annual pay, growth through 2016, and much more. - Description from Syndetics
Glendale CC Library - GENERAL - L901 .S553 2010
50 Best College Majors for a Secure Future Book Cover

10 Best College Majors for Your Personality
by Shatkin, Laurence

9781593578633Laurence Shatkin10 Best College Majors for Your PersonalityThis completely updated resource covers nearly 50 majors total for the six personality types: Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, and Conventional. A self-assessment helps readers quickly determine their personality type. Next, more than 90 "best majors" lists reveal the 10 best majors overall for each personality type plus many must-know facts and figures not found elsewhere. Other "best majors" lists for each personaility type include the best majors ranked by potential pay and growth of their related occupations; best majors at the bachelor's and higher degree levels; and best majors for men, for women, for part-time jobs, or for self-employment. Bonus lists reveal the best majors for introverts, extroverts, persistent people, stress-tolerant people, detail-oriented people, innovators, and analytical thinkers. The college majors are organized by personality type and described in an easy-to-digest format with information on typical sequences of high school and college courses, specializations in the major, related Classification of Instructional Programs, full descriptions of related jobs, earnings, growth, openings, verbal and math skill ratings, and other helpful details. - Description from Syndetics
Glendale CC Library - CARCOLL - LB2361.5 .S528 2011
Glendale CC North Library - GENERAL - LB2361.5 .S53 2008
10 Best College Majors for Your Personality Book Cover

Don't Break the Bank: College Edition
by Peterson's

9780768937657Peterson's Publishing StaffDon't Break the Bank: College EditionCollege students spend more money than ever these days, but most have very little (if any) knowledge when it comes to personal finances. The truth is that most schools don't have time to teach a Personal Finances 101 course. So what are today's students (and their parents) to do? Peterson's Don't Break the Bank comes to the rescue! It's a brand new, easy-to-comprehend guide to help students become financially savvy. Readers will find such financially relevant chapters as Saving for a Rainy Day, Making Cents Out of Banking, and Charge It-Paying with Plastic. Book has a student-friendly design, with short chapters, fun graphics, and insightful sidebars-easy for busy students to read in their on-the-go lives. Expert guidance on ways to make extra money, saving vs. spending, ways to budget, the ins and outs of credit and credit cards, financial aid and scholarships, and more. Valuable advice from finance experts and from students, who share their own stories of financial woes and triumphs Glossary of important financial terms-to help students succeed on their road to financial literacy Helpful appendix of additional resources, including links to Web sites for further information - Description from Syndetics
Glendale CC North Library - GENERAL - HG179 .D66 2013
Don't Break the Bank: College Edition Book Cover

Confessions of a Scholarship Winner
by Ellis, Kristina

9781617951572Kristina EllisConfessions of a Scholarship Winner: How I Graduated College Debt Free and You Can TooKristina Ellis was awarded a full scholarship through her PhD. How she managed to get that kind of a scholarship offer is revealed in this book. Raised by a single mother, Kristina appeared to have everything stacked against her - years of living below the poverty level, imperfect grades and sub-par SAT scores. Yet Kristina discovered the secrets to effectively presenting herself as a unique and desirable scholarship candidate. And she's sharing her secrets for scholarship success with students (and their parents) so that they too can obtain money for college. - Description from Syndetics
Glendale CC Library - CARCOLL - LB2338 .E45 2013
Confessions of a Scholarship Winner Book Cover

A Better Way: How I Graduated College Debt Free
by Gathagu, Ken

9781621478317Ken GathaguA Better Way: How I Graduated College Debt Free"What an awesome read. Ken is able to tackle such an important topic in our time while captivating the audience with such an interesting story. Ken truly shows us a better way."--Mellisa Anthony, student"At a time when tuition for higher education has become a burden to many, Ken has written clear, biblical based, and practical principles for debt free college education. He has put his wisdom and experience into a must-read."--Joseph Gathuru, software engineer"This is truly a goldmine, with over twenty money-saving tips at the end of each chapter, not to mention an amazing story of courage and determination, this read is totally worth it."--Sarah Kaman, businesswoman - Description from Syndetics
Glendale CC North Library - GENERAL - LB2337.4 .G38 2012
A Better Way: How I Graduated College Debt Free Book Cover

America's Best Colleges for B Students
by Orr, Tamra

9781617600753Tamra B. Orr; Kelly Tanabe (Foreword by)America's Best Colleges for B StudentsHigh school students who get average grades and don't ace the SAT or ACT discover that an exceptional college education is by no means beyond their reach with this guide. Along with information on what to look for in a college and what colleges look for in their students besides grades, this college reference provides details on more than 175 colleges that make it a point to help students who have not achieved a stellar GPA and includes information on whether colleges feature extra tutoring, help from professors, and distance-learning programs. Advice on the application process emphasizes the schools that look beyond GPA to the extracurricular activities and community involvement at which many average students excel. Quelling both students' and parents' fears about finding a good education with a less-than-perfect academic record, this guide makes it clear that it is always possible. This updated edition has new data on student life, financial aid and costs, deadlines, and admissions information. - Description from Syndetics
Glendale CC Library - CARCOLR - LB2350.5 .O77 2015
Glendale CC North Library - GENERAL - LB2350.5 .O77 2015
America's Best Colleges for B Students Book Cover

Land Your Dream Career: Eleven Steps to Take in College
by Terhune, Tori Randolph; Hays, Betsy A

9781442219465Tori Randolph Terhune; Betsy A. HaysLand Your Dream Career: 11 Steps to Take in CollegeContrary to what students, and society, are conditioned to think, obtaining a college degree does not automatically result in a job, let alone a dream career. In the last year, alone, half of college graduates are either jobless or underemployed in positions that don't fully use their skills and knowledge. Authors Tori Randolph Terhune, a gainfully-employed young college graduate herself, and Betsy A. Hays, a college professor, show readers what they can do in college to successfully pave the way for future employment in Land Your Dream Career. The authors provide eleven easy-to-follow strategies for effectively using time on campus to start building a career. Terhune and Hays leads students through content designed to help students set themselves up for success, without focusing on grades or papers. The 11 steps include tips about how students can become experts in their fields, build their brand, get involved in and outside the classroom, allow for wiggle room, network, follow the 75/25 rule (75% thinking, 25% doing) and use new media, such as social networking and blogging, to launch their career. Any student looking for that connection from college to getting to their dream career needs to read Land Your Dream Career. Terhune and Hays make it known that landing a good job is not impossible - Description from Syndetics
Glendale CC Library - CARCOLL - HD6277 .T46 2013
Glendale CC North Library - GENERAL - HD6277 .T46 2013
Land Your Dream Career: Eleven Steps to Take in College Book Cover

College and Career Ready
by Conley, David T

9780470257913David T. ConleyCollege and Career Ready: Helping All Students Succeed Beyond High SchoolGiving students the tools they need to succeed in college and work College and Career Ready offers educators a blueprint for improving high school so that more students are able to excel in freshman-level college courses or entry-level jobs-laying a solid foundation for lifelong growth and success. The book is filled with detailed, practical guidelines and case descriptions of what the best high schools are doing. Includes clear guidelines for high school faculty to adapt their programs of instruction in the direction of enhanced college/career readiness Provides practical strategies for improving students' content knowledge and academic behaviors Offers examples of best practices and research-based recommendations for change The book considers the impact of behavioral issues-such as time management and study habits-as well as academic skills on college readiness. - Description from Syndetics
Glendale CC North Library - GENERAL - LB2822.82 .C667 2010
College and Career Ready Book Cover

The Community College Career Track
by Snyder, Thomas

9781118271698Thomas SnyderThe Community College Career Track: How to Achieve the American Dream Without a Mountain of DebtGet a good education without massive debt, and enter a field that's actually hiring In coming years, millions of great jobs will be opening up in growth areas like advanced manufacturing, biotechnology, health care, information technology, and sustainable energy. These jobs can pay as well as, or much better than, the average income for four-year college graduates. They generally offer high levels of day-to-day satisfaction. And the path to all of them begins in the community colleges. In The Community College Career Track , Tom Snyder gives young people and their parents, as well as mid-life career changers, a practical, inspiring guide to taking that path and completing it successfully. The old model of a bachelor's degree leading to a good job and career has broken down for large numbers of young people, many of whom graduate college only to work in a career that doesn't require a degree. Meanwhile, millions of productive American white collar and blue-collar workers have been laid off and need retraining for second careers. This book helps you find a new way forward. Offers insights on how to save money over a lifetime through an affordable college education that provides high-paying jobs Author Tom Snyder is the president of Ivy Tech Community College, Indiana's statewide community college system and the largest singly accredited community college system in the country Author Tom Snyder has confronted the education-jobs mismatch from both sides, first as a highly successful business executive and now as an award-winning educator. Follow his efficient, affordable, and rewarding path to a great career and a satisfying life. - Description from Syndetics
Glendale CC Library - CARCOLL - LB2328 .S61 2012
Glendale CC North Library - GENERAL - LB2328 .S61 2012
The Community College Career Track Book Cover

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