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Special Occasions

Featured Books on Special Occasions


by Stavans, Ilan

9780313358241Ilan Stavans (Editor)QuinceañeraThis volume compiled by Ilan Stavans examines the importance of ritual and celebration and the quinceanera celebration's growing social importance to in the Latino community, particularly in the United States. The essays explore the quinceanera and the coming-of-age ritual from various angles. Prior to 2007, the quinceanera received no formal ritual through the Catholic Church, which has since issued one. As such, the role of religion and the Catholic Church in the quinceanera celebration is given extensive consideration. Gender, family status, class, race, as well as the aspects of performance are all discussed as central themes of the celebration. Delving through myriad perspectives, Quinceaneras illuminates the festivities' form and function in creating social and personal identity within the family and the larger Latino community. - Description from Syndetics
Glendale CC Library - GENERAL - GT2490 .Q85 2010
Quinceanera Book Cover

Cinco de Mayo: what is everybody celebrating?
by Miles, Donald W

9780595844487Donald MilesCinco de Mayo: What Is Everybody Celebrating?Under the orders of French Emperor Napoleon III, French troops arrive in Mexico in 1861 with a dual purpose: to help the Confederacy win the war against the United States and to conquer Mexico. As President Benito Juarez suspends payment of Mexico's foreign debts, the French drop their facade of debt negotiations and head for Puebla, where they are soundly defeated in their attempt to capture the city. The French withdraw from their stunning setback and spend the summer of 1862 nursing their wounds and awaiting reinforcements in Orizaba. This gives the Mexicans ample time to highly fortify Puebla against a future attack. During spring of 1863 French troops head for Puebla and Mexico City in what they hope will be a pair of easy victories. Juarez and his government flee Mexico City rather than trying to defend the capital against overwhelming odds. The French make their grand entrance and immediately encounter problems with the Catholic Church. Austrian Archduke Ferdinand Maximilian, asked by the French to become emperor of Mexico, will not accept the throne without a "popular" vote from the people. When the American Civil War ends in 1865, out-of-work soldiers, generals and high-ranking officials from the former Confederate government drift into Mexico. General Ulysses S. Grant's U.S. Army is now free to stage maneuvers along the border, setting off panic in Mexico City and Paris. Grant's move prompts Napoleon III to cut his losses and pull his troops out. Now, it's only a matter of time before Mexican forces retake the country." - Description from Syndetics
Glendale CC Library - GENERAL - F1233 .M645 2006
Cinco de Mayo: what is everybody celebrating? Book Cover

Holiday Videos

Cinco de Mayo

Each May 5th, Cinco de Mayo celebrations are held in cities throughout the United States, but few people understand the holidays meaning. This A&E Special recounts the events that centered on the sweltering May morning in 1862 when an ill-equipped Mexican army, along with Zacapoaxtla Indians and ordinary citizens, defeated an invading French army in a history-changing battle. A riveting story!

Days of the Dead: A Living Tradition

With the arrival of the conquistadors, many ancient Mesoamerican rituals were absorbed into Christian holidays. This program examines a collection of sacred, social, and artistic traditions that survived European assimilation and now compose one of Mexicos most important annual festivals. The film follows the travels and experiences of a young Purépecha artisan, her grandmother, and their family during the weeks leading up to the Days of the Dead. As these struggling craftspeople market their wares, study new techniques, and prepare for their deceased patriarchs spiritual return, viewers will see a wide variety of folk art practicesfrom pottery painting to flower decoration to papier-mâché skeleton sculpturecoalesce into a momentous cultural event.

Mexico: Day of the DeadMy Americas

In My Americas, Mexican American hosts Roberto Alcaraz and Leticia Vásquez travel into the rich cultural and spiritual life of Latin America in search of their heritage. In this program, Roberto travels to Oaxaca to discover one of Mexicos most defining and colorful feasts, celebrated every year on November 2nd. His search takes him from markets to the pre-Columbian ruins of Monte Albán and Mitla, an ornate Dominican church, and to the home of a Zapotec family of rug weavers. He learns about the familys art, their daily struggles, their traditions, and the importance of Day of the Dead in their life. Roberto ends his adventure with a midnight stroll in a candlelit cemetery where families remember their deceased loved ones.

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