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Gender Roles and Socialization

Gender Role Video

This video and the ones following examine gender roles from a variety of perspectives.  From on-campus, you should be able to play this video in your browser.  If you are off-campus, simply click on the video link to access the video.

Divide of the Sexes: Gender Roles in Childhood

Articles for Consideration

Gender and Socialization (Stockard, Jean)

This article discusses some of the major theories and research findings around gender and socialization.

Children and Gender from Gender Play: Girls and Boys at School (Thorne, Barrie)

This chapter from Gender Play: Girls and Boys at School, discusses the way in which schoolchildren are socialized differently based upon their gender.

Gender and Religion (Lummis, Adair T.)

Often the way in which see the world is dependent upon the religious lens through which we understand it. This chapter from the Handbook of the Sociology of Gender examines the role religion plays in our understanding of gender.

Gender and Social Roles (Lopata, Helena Znaniecka)

This chapter from the Handbook of the Sociology of Gender examines the different gender roles ascribed to us in society both in the family and public spheres.

Anti-feminist messages in American television programming for young girls.

Another major influence upon the way we understand gender is the media. This article examines anti-feminist messages in American television programming for young girls.

Culture, Gender, and Math

This article examines how male and female students are treated differently by their teachers when taught math.

STAY-AT-HOME FATHERS AND BREADWINNING MOTHERS: Gender, Couple Dynamics, and Social Change

Our ideas of gender and society have always been in flux. This article examines couples that have a stay-at-home father and a breadwinning mother and how these gender dynamics play out.

Gender, An Intersectionality Perspective

This article examines gender as belonging to an intersection of multiple identities affiliated with a person.

The Arrangement Between the Sexes by Irving Goffman

In this article, influential sociologist Erving Goffman discusses the different socializations of men and women in society.

Additional Videos

A Girl's Life, with Rachel Simmons

Girls entering adulthood in the next decade will see more opportunities than today's women ever imagined. But will these girls stride confidently through newly opened doors, or are they destined to be stunted by societal messages that tell them females should be constantly agreeable, impossibly thin, and sexy above all else? Researcher and author Rachel Simmons examines the challenges facing young women as they surf the waves of 21st century adolescence in the 2010 Parents Choice Gold award-winning documentary, A Girls Life. Through a series of interviews with teenage girls, parents, psychologists, teachers, and social workers, the program explores cyberbullying, outright violence, gangs, the impact of sexual imagery in the media, and more. It is a wake-up call and a rare window into the day-to-day trials of todays teenage girls. Distributed by PBS Distribution. (60 minutes)

The Secret Life of Boys

Is male youth violence one result of the societally imposed demand for men to seem strong and silent? In this ABC News 20/20 program, correspondent John Stossel; Dr. William Pollack, of the Harvard Medical School and author of Real Boys; and researchers from Emory University and the University of Connecticut explore why boys tend to repress their feelings. Using a real counseling session, experts demonstrate how to help boys express their feelings before they begin to act them out at school and at home in antisocial behavioror even in a shooting spree or suicide. (24 minutes)

Women and Men Unglued: Marriage and Relationships in the 21st Century

Men and women of marriageable age are staying single in record numbers. The traditional family is fast becoming an anachronism. Could the 21st century be the era when the sexes go their separate ways? Through a series of filmed portraits and candid, often gritty interviews, this program looks at changing contemporary gender relations and expectations, exploring how men and women feel about issues such as dating, marriage, money, parenting, romantic love, feminism, and commitment. (87 minutes)

The Men's Movement

Men are marching on Washington, finding religion, taking on new community responsibilities, bonding with each other, weeping openly, and discussing their relationships. Just what are men up to, and what, exactly, has prompted this drastic change in behavior? Some say it is the natural outcome of the feminist movement and the resulting change in male roles. Perhaps. This program profiles the new "mens movement," explores the various reasons why men become involved, and examines the implications for men and women in the 21st century. (29 minutes)

Bacha Posh: You Will Be a Boy, My Daughter

In Afghanistan, an old tradition allows families without a son to transform one of their daughters into a boy. These little girls, known as bacha posh, spend their early years dressed as boys and are accorded all the privileges and responsibilities of being malebut after puberty, they must revert to the female roles into which they were born. This program follows four girls who temporarily became the sons their parents longed for. Shabina has recently become bacha posh to help her disabled father and seems to be taking it all in stride. For Mariam and Naid, its time to change back, but both are desperate to hang on to their male identities. Lastly we meet Jack, a bacha posh who refused to change back and who now heads for Europe. What new discoveries will the freedoms of the West invite? (53 minutes)

Classical Books Dealing with Gender and Sexuality

Psychopathia sexualis
by Krafft-Ebing, R. von (Richard),

9781483194103Richard Von Krafft-EbingPsychopathia Sexualis: A Medico-Forensic StudyPsychopathia Sexualis: A Medico-forensic Study, Twelfth Edition deals with the psychology of deviant sexual behavior. The book discusses the psychology and the physiology of sexual life including anthropological conditions such as Gynecomasty. The author describes general pathology including anesthesia sexualis (absence of sexual feeling), hyperesthesia (abnormally increased sexual desire), paraesthesia (perversion), masochism, sadism, fetishism, and antipathic sexuality. The author also examines homosexuality (as abnormal congenital manifestation), effimination, and androgyny. Special pathology includes the manifestations of abnormal sexual life in various forms and states of mental disturbance. The author discusses dementia, epilepsy, periodic insanity, nymphomania, and satyriasis. He also addresses pathological sexuality and its legal aspects that cover acts of rape, murder with rape, sodomy, cultivated pederasty, lesbian love, incest, necrophilia, or immoral acts on persons under care. The book also contains some case histories that illustrate such deviant sexual behavior. This book can interest behavioral scientists, psychiatrists, psychologists, students and professors in the sciences of human sexuality and behavior. - Description from Syndetics
Psychopathia sexualis Book Cover

Sex in Relation to Society
by Havelock Ellis

9781483223735Havelock EllisSex in Relation to Society: Studies in the Psychology of Sex, Vol. 6Studies in the Psychology of Sex, Volume VI: Sex in Relation to Society describes the social attitude and legal opinion toward sex. This volume is composed of 12 chapters, and starts with a survey on the maternal role in child's early knowledge about sex. The next chapters explore the principles of sex education, nakedness, sexual love, chastity, and sexual abstinence. Other chapters cover sex-related topics including the origin and development of prostitution, sexual morality, marriage, and the so-called ""art of love"". A chapter tackles the issue of acquiring venereal disease due to sexual malpractice and prostitution. The final chapter discusses the link between the art of love and the science of procreation. This book will be of value to psychologists, teachers, parents, and the general readers who are interested the allied fields. - Description from Syndetics
Sex in Relation to Society Book Cover

Books and eBooks


Gender Trouble
by Butler, Judith

One of the most talked-about scholarly works of the past fifty years, Judith Butler's Gender Trouble is as celebrated as it is controversial. Arguing that traditional feminism is wrong to look to a natural, 'essential' notion of the female, or indeed of sex or gender, Butler starts by questioning the category 'woman' and continues in this vein with examinations of 'the masculine' and 'the feminine'. Best known however, but also most often misinterpreted, is Butler's concept of gender as a reiterated social performance rather than the expression of a prior reality. Thrilling and provocative, few other academic works have roused passions to the same extent. - Description from Syndetics
Glendale CC Library - GENERAL - HQ1154 .B88 2007
Gender Trouble Book Cover

Gender play: girls and boys in school
by Thorne, Barrie

9780813519234Barrie ThorneGender Play: Girls and Boys in SchoolYou see it in every schoolyard: the girls play only with the girls, the boys play only with the boys. Why? And what do the kids think about this? Breaking with familiar conventions for thinking about children and gender, Gender Play develops fresh insights into the everyday social worlds of kids in elementary schools in the United States. Barrie Thorne draws on her daily observations in the classroom and on the playground to show how children construct and experience gender in school. With rich detail,she looks at the "play of gender" in the organization of groups of kids and activities - activities such as "chase-and-kiss," "cooties," "goin' with" and teasing. Thorne observes children in schools in working-class communities, emphasizing the experiences of fourth and fifth graders. Most of the children she observed were white, but a sizable minority were Latino, Chicano, or African American. Thorne argues that the organization and meaning of gender are influenced by age, ethnicity, race, sexuality, and social class, and that they shift with social context. She sees gender identity not through the lens of individual socialization or difference, but rather as a social process involving groups of children. Thorne takes us on a fascinating journey of discovery, provides new insights about children, and offers teachers practical suggestions for increasing cooperative mixed-gender interaction. - Description from Syndetics
Glendale CC Library - GENERAL - LC212.92 .T46 1993
Gender play: girls and boys in school Book Cover

Investigating gender: developing a feminist sociological imagination
by Thompson, Martha; Armato, Michael

9780745651866Martha E. Thompson; Michael ArmatoInvestigating Gender: Developing a Feminist Sociological ImaginationGender analysis remains central to understanding social life, yet focusing on gender alone is inadequate. Recent feminist sociological scholarship highlights how gender intersects with other systems of privilege and oppression. This exciting new text combines these insights with an innovative, student-centered pedagogical approach. Taking knowledge acquisition as an important first step, the book goes beyond this to provide students with tools and skills necessary to become critical thinkers and, ultimately, investigate gender on their own from a global feminist sociological perspective. Five themes are carried forward throughout the text: the social construction of gender differences; gendered inequalities; intersections of gender with other systems of privilege and oppression; a relational global perspective; and the necessity of working toward social justice. Investigating Gender employs creative features that engage students in feminist sociological inquiry from the outset. "Learning Activities" help students link their own lives to broader gender patterns, conduct gender analyses of their own, and consider ways they can work toward social justice. "Research Examples" introduce students to specific studies and model how to critically engage with contemporary scholarship from a feminist sociological perspective. Boxed inserts on "The Power of One" and "The Power of Many" provide examples of individuals and groups that are working toward social justice. The text also cultivates students' global perspective by framing issues internationally and guiding them through data and analyses from four diverse countries outside the US: China, Kenya, Mexico, and Sweden. Investigating Gender will appeal to instructors who teach courses in the Sociology of Gender, Women's Studies, and Gender Communication; it will be an invaluable introduction to students taking any courses in which gender is the focus or a significant component. - Description from Syndetics
Glendale CC Library - GENERAL - HQ1075 .T45 2012
Investigating gender: developing a feminist sociological imagination Book Cover

Gender and the media
by Gill, Rosalind

9780745612737Rosalind GillGender and the MediaWritten in a clear and accessible style, with lots of examples from Anglo-American media, Gender and the Media offers a critical introduction to the study of gender in the media, and an up-to-date assessment of the key issues and debates. Eschewing a straightforwardly positive or negative assessment the book explores the contradictory character of contemporary gender representations, where confident expressions of girl power sit alongside reports of epidemic levels of anorexia among young women, moral panics about the impact on men of idealized representations of the 'six-pack', but near silence about the pervasive re-sexualization of women's bodies, along with a growing use of irony and playfulness that render critique extremely difficult. The book looks in depth at five areas of media - talk shows, magazines, news, advertising, and contemporary screen and paperback romances - to examine how representations of women and men are changing in the twenty-first century, partly in response to feminist, queer and anti-racist critique. Gender and the Media is also concerned with the theoretical tools available for analysing representations. A range of approaches from semiotics to postcolonial theory are discussed, and Gill asks how useful notions such as objectification, backlash, and positive images are for making sense of gender in today's Western media. Finally, Gender and the Media also raises questions about cultural politics - namely, what forms of critique and intervention are effective at a moment when ironic quotation marks seem to protect much media content from criticism and when much media content - from Sex and the City to revenge adverts - can be labelled postfeminist. This is a book that will be of particular interest to students and scholars in gender and media studies, as well as those in sociology and cultural studies more generally. - Description from Syndetics
Glendale CC Library - GENERAL - P96.S45 G56 2007
Gender and the media Book Cover

Gender: The Basics
by Lips, Hilary M

9780415689540Hilary LipsGender: the BasicsGender: The Basics is an engaging introduction which examines the impact of cultural, historical, biological, psychological and economic forces on qualities which have come to be defined as masculine or feminine. Highlighting that there is far more to gender than biological sex, it takes a global perspective to examine the interaction between gender and a wide range of topics including: * Relationships, intimacy and concepts of sexuality * The workplace and labour markets * Gender related violence and war * Public health, poverty and development * The ageing process Supporting theory with examples and case studies from a variety of contexts, suggestions for further reading and a detailed glossary, this text is an essential read for anyone approaching the study of gender for the first time. - Description from Syndetics
Glendale CC Library - GENERAL - HQ1075 .L578 2014
Glendale CC North Library - GENERAL - HQ1075 .L578 2014
Gender: The Basics Book Cover

Sex, gender, and sexuality
by Ferber, Abby L; Holcomb, Kimberly; Wentling, Tre

9780195332896Kimberly Holcomb (Editor); Abby L. Ferber (Editor); Tre Wentling (Editor)Sex, Gender, and Sexuality: The New Basics - An AnthologyThere has been an outpouring of discussion and interest in recent years on gender and sexual identities in the disciplines of sociology and women's studies. Now, for the first time, there is a reader available that bridges the study of both gender and sexuality, providing a thoroughexamination of their interconnections. In an accessible format, the editors of Sex, Gender, and Sexuality construct a new model for making sense of gender and sexuality by raising provocative questions such as: How has our understanding of the relationship among sex, gender, and sexuality changedover time? How are these concepts constructed differently across cultures? What is the difference between transgender, transsexual, and queer? How does class and race shape people's experiences and expressions of gender and sexuality? While exploring a wide range of issues, each piece makes the relationship among sex, gender, and sexual identities central to the analysis. Sex, Gender, and Sexuality includes first-person accounts and narratives, poems, theoretical analyses, and critiques of existing research. Due to the evolutionof thought and terminology in recent years, the editors have included a useful and unique glossary of basic and new terms. - Description from Syndetics
Glendale CC Library - GENERAL - HQ21 .S47165 2009
Sex, gender, and sexuality Book Cover

Encyclopedia of Gender in Education

9781412981521James A. Banks (Editor)Encyclopedia of Diversity in EducationWith 695 signed entries with cross-references and recommended readings, the Encyclopedia of Diversity in Education, Four-Volume Set , in both print and electronic formats, presents research and statistics, case studies and best practices, policies and programs at pre- and post-secondary levels. Diversity is a worldwide phenomenon, and while most of the entries in the Encyclopedia will focus on the United States, diversity issues and developments in nations around the world, including the United States, are intricately connected. Consequently, to illuminate the many aspects of diversity, this volume will contain entries from different nations in the world in order to illuminate the myriad aspects of diversity. From A-to-Z, this Encyclopedia will cover the full spectrum of diversity issues, including race, class, gender, religion, language, exceptionality and the global dimensions of diversity as they relate to education. There will also be an appendix consisting of a chronology of significant events related to diversity. This four-volume reference work is the definitive reference for diversity issues in education in the around the world. Key Themes Concepts, Theories and Definitions of Diversity Demographics and the Changing American Landscape Racial and Ethnic Diversity Gender and Sexual Orientation Socioeconomic Status Language, Culture and Linguistic Diversity Exceptionality Religion in Society and Schools Immigration, Migration and National Identity Standardized Testing and Culturally Responsive Assessment Alternative Educational Models Curriculum Issues and Pedagogies of Diversity Faculty, Teacher and Administrator Training Diversity in Primary and Secondary Education Diversity in Post-Secondary Education Affirmative Action Merit-Based Admission, Equity and Opportunity Law, Politics and Public Policy School, Family and Community Issues - Description from Syndetics
Encyclopedia of Gender in Education Book Cover

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