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Brother Outsider

Brother Outsider: The Life of Bayard Rustin

On November 20, 2013, Bayard Rustin was posthumously awarded the prestigious Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Barack Obama. Rustin was at most of the important events of the Civil Rights Movementbut always in the background. This film asks "Why?" It presents a vivid drama, intermingling the personal and the political, about one of the most enigmatic figures in 20th-century American history. One of the first freedom riders, an adviser to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and A. Philip Randolph, organizer of the march on Washington, intelligent, gregarious, and charismatic, Bayard Rustin was denied his place in the limelight for one reason he was gay.


Disability and Intersecting Statuses
by Altman, Barbara Mandell, Barnartt, Sharon N.

9781783501564Sharon Barnartt (Editor, Contribution by); Barbara Mandell Altman (Editor)Disability and Intersecting StatusesDisability can be either an ascribed status or an achieved status and its combination with other statuses will affect the person's social experiences. The term intersectionality has been used most often to discuss the ways in which the dual and simultaneous statuses of 'black' and "female' exist as facets of social structure and culture, interact in both those spheres, and affect individuals in ways which neither one does separately. Little attention has been paid to disability in this context, despite the many parallels to race and gender. This volume challenges critical thinking about the interrelationships with disability. It questions if the concepts and methods of intersectionality can be applied to disability at all or if they can be applied in the same way. The authors debate whether different conception of intersectionality would fit the disability context better and if there are methodologies which could be used to examine it. A variety of empirical evidence about situations in which disability intersects with other roles are also examined. - Description from Syndetics
Disability and Intersecting Statuses Book Cover

Intersectionality and Urban Education
by Zwier, Elisabeth, Grant, Carl A.

Building on their work, we see the need for an edited collection that would look across the different realms of urban educationtheorizing identity markers in urban education, education in urban schools and communities, thinking intersectionally in teacher education & higher education, educational policies & urban spacesseeking to better understand each topic using an intersectional lens.
Intersectionality and Urban Education Book Cover

Insectionality and Social Change
by Beyer, Jessica L., Woehrle, Lynne M.

9781784411060Lynne M. Woehrle (Editor)Intersectionality and Social ChangeVolume 37 explores the question, what can the emerging discipline of intersectionality studies contribute to our quest to understand and analyze social movements, conflict and change? This collection is part of a continued broadening and deepening of the theoretical contributions of intersectional analysis in understanding social structures and human practices. It lends analytical eye to questions of how race, class, and gender shape strategy and experience in social change processes. It also stretches to include thinking about how analysis of age, religion, or sexual identity can influence the model. The papers contribute to our growing understanding of ways to use the social power analysis unique to the intersectional lens to offer new perspectives on well-researched questions such as group identity development in conflict, coalition organizing, and movement resonance. Through the intersectional lens questions often ignored and populations traditionally marginalized become the heart of the analysis. Additionally, the volume also considers how surveillance and information sharing shape the complex relationship between democratic freedoms and hegemonic governmental systems. - Description from Syndetics
Insectionality and Social Change Book Cover

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