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Online Resources

Money Smart Links

My Money Five -

Making the most of your money starts with five building blocks for managing and growing your money -- The MyMoney Five. These are Earning, Saving & Investing, Protecting, Spending, and Borrowing. The site explores each of these in depth to help you understand these critical aspects of money and finance.

Feed the Pig

Here, youll find helpful tools, articles, tons of tips and other resources to help you on your path to financial stability. These tools include resources to help you think through your spending and saving habits, identify ways you can start saving and commit to making changes that will reduce your debt and grow your savings.

CFP - Paying for College

Its more important than ever for students and former students to make smart decisions about financing their college education. Whether youre attending college soon, are a current student, or already have student loans, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has put together some tools and resources to help you make the best decisions for you.

Money Smart Apps



From the makers of TurboTax:
  • track your spending
  • Create a budget
  • receive bill reminders
  • get tips for reducing fees and saving money
  • check your credit score for free
Available on Google Play and Apple  
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You Need a Budget (YNAB)

  • Companion app to desktop application available at
  • Quickly Enter transactions on the go
  • Check your category balances before making a purchase
  • View all historical transactions for every account
  • Stay aware of your spending
Available on Google Play and Apple  
You Need a Budget Logo


My Budget Plan

  • Create simple or recurrent operations, and associate them to a bank account
  • Create multiple bank accounts (with initial balance or no) and make transfers between them
  • Categorize your operations using categories lists
  • Edit or add new categories to better classify expenses, income and transfers
Available on Google Play  
My Budget Logo

Expense Manager

  • Record Expenses
  • Assign Categories
  • Manage Monthly Overheads
  • Manage categories
  • Set a monthly limit
Available on Google Play  
Expense Manager Logo

Level Money

  • Know how much you have to spend daily, weekly, and monthly
  • Customize notifications for updates on balance, credits, debits, etc.
  • See your transactions from all your bank accounts and credit cards
  • Prioritize savings in your monthly budget
  • Track your spending habits by merchant and category
  • Compare your spending month-over-month
Available on Google Play and Apple  
Level Money Logo

Home Budget Manager Lite

  • Syncs between multiple devices
  • Bill reminders
  • Uses images to represent spending categories
  • Visualize spending with charts and graphs
Available on Google Play  
Home Budget Manager Lite Logo

Toshl Finance

  • Track expenses and income
  • Versatile budgeting
  • Syncs with multiple devices
  • Infographics to help visualize finances
Available on Google Play and Apple  
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  • Each time you make a purchase, or make a payment, a percentage of the amount is transferred to your savings account.
Available on Google Play and Apple  
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