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The Panic is on: the Great American Depression as Seen by the Common Man
by Joe Lauro (director)

This multifaceted set communicates both the painful hard times of the Great Depression and the grace and strong will of the common man in confronting it. Period newsreel and documentary film footage convey the feel of the times.
Glendale CC Library E801 .P36 2009 DISCS1-2
The Panic is on: the Great American Depression as Seen by the Common Man Book Cover

The Emergence of Modern America. Great Depression
by David Connelly (producer, director and writer)

Examines the many factors that led to the Depression, Hoover's attempts to counter the nation's economic woes, and Franklin Delano Roosevelt's New Deal programs.
Glendale CC Library E806 .E547 2007
The Emergence of Modern America. Great Depression Book Cover

Life in the Thirties
by Donald B. Hyatt (producer and director)

A documentary film portraying life in America during the 1930's. Includes scenes showing social and economic trends, and the events and personalities that attracted the attention of the average person.
Glendale CC Library E806 .L544 2003
Life in the Thirties Book Cover

FDR, A Presidency Revealed
by David C. Taylor (writer and producer)

A comprehensive original program from the History Channel, featuring exclusive interviews, rare audio recordings, newly-unearthed home movies, and diary entries, that reveals a never-before-seen side of FDR's presidency.
Glendale CC Library E807 .F3755 2005 PT.1& 2
FDR, A Presidency Revealed Book Cover

The Crash of 1929
by Ellen Hovde and Muffie Meyer (producers)

On October 29, 1929 - Black Monday, large and small investors alike lost corporate and personal fortunes when the stock market crashed. This program examines the reasons behind the crash and whether the crash was predictable.
Glendale CC Library HB3717 1929 .C727 2009
The Crash of 1929  Book Cover

Riding the Rails
by Michael Uys and Lexy Lovell (producers, directors and writers)

Tells the story of the 250,000 teenagers who left their homes and hopped freight trains during the Great Depression.
Glendale CC Library HV4504 .R545 2003
Riding the Rails Book Cover

Bonnie and Clyde
by Warner Bros. Pictures

A mixture of comedy and brutal violence, this film is based on the exploits of the notorious American bank robbers of the 1930's, Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow.
Glendale CC Library PN1997 .B655 1997
Bonnie and Clyde Book Cover

The Grapes of Wrath
by Twentieth Century Fox

The migration of the Joad family to California from their dust-bowl farm in Oklahoma during the Great Depression.
Glendale CC Library PN1997 .G683 2012
The Grapes of Wrath Book Cover

Modern Times
by Charlie Chaplin (writer and director)

A devastating satire on the effects of mass production on the lives of factory workers, with Charlie as a factory worker, jailbird, night watchman, and a singing waiter. Primarily a silent film with music and sound effects, but voices emanate from TV sets and radios.
Glendale CC North Library PN1997 .M622 2000
Modern Times Book Cover

Of Mice and Men
by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

In Depression-era California, two migrant workers dream of better days on a spread of their own until an act of unintentional violence leads to tragic consequences.
Glendale CC Library PN1997 .O33 2003
Of Mice and Men  Book Cover

by Radnitz/Mattel Productions, Inc.

Story of a black sharecropper family in Louisiana during the Depression. A father steals food for his family; his wife provides love, security and strength while he is in prison; and their oldest son bravely becomes the man of the house until his father returns.
Glendale CC Library PN1997 .S642 2002
Sounder Book Cover

The Sting
by George Roy Hill (director)

obert Redford and Paul Newman star as two con men in the 1930s, out to avenge the death of a mutual friend. They seek revenge on crime lord Robert Shaw with a 'sting' that is one of the greatest double-crosses in movie history.
Glendale CC Library PN1997 .S675 2005 DISCS 1-2
The Sting Book Cover

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