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Freedom of Information

AP and Freedom of Information

Tax Information

Federal and State tax information page including web sites, addresses and phone numbers to obtain forms and information.

Identify your representatives...polling locations

Vote-Smart - enter your Zip Code+4 to obtain your national and local representatives.
Glendale - Mayor, City Council members.
Arizona - links to help locate your legislators.
Polling Place Locator from the Maricopa County Recorder.
Early Ballot - to request an early ballot from the Maricopa County Recorder.

Politics and Issues

Arizona Information

Citizens Clean Elections Commission
- locate information about candidates. - reviews the accuracy of statements issued by politicians, political parties, ads, etc. - non-partisan coverage of federal and state politics
Project Vote-Smart - helps you find information about political issues. See Issue Positions on the page.


Political Parties - from - Major parties, third parties platforms.
Democratic Party
Republican Party

Campaign Finance

Federal Election Commission discloses campaign finance information; oversees public funding of Presidential elections.
PoliticalMoneyline - independent campaign finance disclosures. - your guide to the money in U.S. elections.


The Polling Report - results of surveys, sources cited, margin of error, etc.
Gallup Poll
Mason-Dixon Polling & Research, Inc. - independent state polling organization.


See also the Law page.

State of Arizona Directory
Direct Links to Agencies, Boards, and Commissions

Arizona Government - Official Web Site of the State

Executive Branch

Office of the Governor
Secretary of State
Attorney General
Department of Commerce
Department of Corrections
Department of Education
Department of Transportation

Judicial Branch

Arizona Supreme Court

Legislative Branch

Arizona Legislature

County and City

Maricopa County Arizona Superior Court, Maricopa County
Self Service Center (Arizona Superior Court in Maricopa County) - obtain information, forms, etc.

Community Profiles

Glendale Glendale City Code links


Other State - Local

State and Local Government on the Net: A guide to Government Sponsored Internet Sites - a "Best Free Reference Web Site" by Reference & User Services Quarterly that provides links to over 6,000 state and local government web sites.

U.S. Government (See also the Law page.)


U.S. Government Manual - an entry portal to government web sites. A "Best Free Reference Web Site" by Reference & User Services Quarterly. Also:
FedWorld Information Services a guide to government services
Legal Information Institute - Constitutions of the U.S., the 50 states, the U.S. Code, UCC, state statutes by topic.
U.S. Government Printing Office - To locate government information and publications.

Executive Branch

The White House Council on Environmental Quality
Office of Management and Budget
Office of National Drug Control Policy
Office of Science and Technology Policy

Cabinet Departments and selected sub-agencies, bureaus, etc.

Department of Agriculture
Department of Commerce Bureau of Economic Analysis
Bureau of Industry & Security
Bureau of the Census
International Trade Administration
Patent and Trademark Office
Department of Defense
Department of the Air Force
Department of the Army
Department of the Navy
United States Marine Corps
Department of Education

Department of Energy

Department of Health and Human Services
Administration on Aging
Administration for Children and Families
Centers for Disease Control
Food and Drug Administration
Indian Health Service
National Institutes of Health
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
Department of Homeland Security
U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services
Department of Housing and Urban Development

Department of the Interior
United States Fish and Wildlife Service
National Park Service
United States Geological Survey
Bureau of Indian Affairs
Bureau of Land Management

Department of Justice Federal Bureau of Investigation
Bureau of Prisons
Department of Labor

Department of State

Department of Transportation
United States Coast Guard
Federal Aviation Administration
Federal Highway Administration
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
Federal Transit Administration
Maritime Administration
Bureau of Transportation Statistics
Department of the Treasury Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms
U.S. Customs and Border Protection
Internal Revenue Service
Department of Veterans Affairs

Independent Agencies

African Development Foundation
Central Intelligence Agency
Commodity Futures Trading Commission
Consumer Product Safety Commission
Environmental Protection Agency
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
Export-Import Bank of the United States
Farm Credit Administration
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Federal Communications Commission
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
Federal Election Commission
Federal Emergency Management Agency
Federal Housing Finance Agency
Federal Maritime Commission
Federal Reserve System
Federal Trade Commission
Government Accountability Office - (GAO Reports); formerly General Accounting Office
General Services Administration
Inter-American Foundation
National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
National Archives and Records Administration
National Endowment for the Arts
National Endowment for the Humanities

National Labor Relations Board
National Mediation Board
National Science Foundation
National Transportation Safety Board
National Weather Service
Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission
Office of Government Ethics
Office of Personnel Management
Overseas Private Investment Corporation
Peace Corps
Securities and Exchange Commission
Selective Service System
Small Business Administration
Social Security Administration
Trade and Development Agency
United States Agency for International Development
United States Commission on Civil Rights
United States International Trade Commission
United States Postal Service

Judicial Branch

The Supreme Court
Federal Judicial Center
United States Sentencing Commission
See also the Law page for more information on judicial affairs.

Legislative Branch

U.S. House of Representatives
U.S. Senate
Roll Call - Notes from Congress
Thomas - a good source for locating information on current legislation, committees, etc.
Congressional Budget Office
General Accounting Office
Library of Congress

Statistical Resources

FedStats - Statistics from the Federal Government
U.S. Census Bureau - subject index
Bureau of Economic Analysis - GDP, Balance of Payments, etc.
Bureau of Labor Statistics - CPI, Inflation, PPI, Consumer Expenditures, Wages, etc.
Economics Statistics Briefing Room

International Governments and Agencies

See also the International Sites page. EmbassyWeb - Information from embassies and consulates

United Nations
United Nations locator
World Bank
World Health Organization
World Trade Organization

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Related Information Box

There are numerous government sites that provide information about services, programs, statistics, legislation, and laws. These are some selected ones you may want to use. 

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