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Student Research Assistance and Instruction

The library offers an array of instructional opportunities for students including in-person and online reference services and an online tutorial. The library provides informal instruction whenever they help students at the reference desk - in person or online!

See the Getting Help at the LMC webpage.

Information Literacy Instruction (Faculty)

The LMC offers three information literacy instruction options.  A combination of the following can help students make the most of their introduction to library and information resources.

  1. Library Faculty Instruction Sessions

    Information literacy is a secondary student learning outcome at GCC. To promote basic research skills and information literacy competency campus-wide, library faculty offer instruction sessions. Sessions can be tailored to class assignments or instructor preferences in any discipline.

    Please have your students activate their MEID accounts prior to library sessions. The library faculty request that the instructor be present during formal classroom presentations by the library faculty. If the regular instructor cannot be present, please arrange for a substitute.

    (Schedule a Library Instruction Session)

  2. Research and Library Tutorial

    Recently updated, the online tutorial consists of several content modules, including: general search strategies; copyright and fair use; citations and plagiarism; locating articles using electronic databases; conducting web searches and evaluating websites, and using the library online catalog. Students and instructors can access the tutorial on campus or remotely by clicking on the “Tutorial” link found under “Vital Links” at the Library Home Page (underneath searchbox). A link to the tutorial is also available below.

    This newest version of the online tutorial integrates quiz questions designed to increase student understanding of content modules. Students accessing the tutorial are quizzed on content at the point of information; students who score 70% or higher on the quiz are given the opportunity to print out a certificate of completion which they can hand in to their instructors in order to receive credit. As well, there are options for the students to email their scores. By default, these scores are emailed to the GCC Library, and can be requested by faculty. However, instructors can also arrange for these scores to be emailed to directly to their email for quick and convinient grading. For more information about this option, please visit out Faculty Tutorial Email Page. Please contact Dede Elrobeh (623.845.3108) with additional questions or comments regarding the tutorial or quiz.

    (Access the Research and Library Tutorial)

  3. Library Exercise for English 101/107

    This exercise is designed to provide a hands-on orientation to the resources and services available to students (and faculty) through the Library Media Center.

    Instructors may pick up a set of worksheets at the Reference Desk at the Library. The links below contain one copy of each version of the exercise. Packets available at the reference desk contain 24 worksheets and user guides including two versions of the exercise. Some questions are common to all worksheets, others are unique. Students should turn in completed exercises to the instructor. The instructor can then forward them in a batch to the LMC for grading.

Independent Research (Class research in the library)

Independent research (IR) sessions - i.e. no librarian required - may be scheduled by faculty. Instructors are welcome to bring their class to the library for independent research during their class periods.

  • Please schedule independent research sessions through the Reference Desk (x53112) so that the library may gauge heavy use of resources and work to reduce student frustration when multiple classes are using the same materials.

Instructor-created library assignments

Instructors should feel free to create and use their own library exercises.  Please note the following:

  • the reference library faculty will appreciate a courtesy copy of the exercise and/or notification of an upcoming assignment
  • unless you inform us otherwise, the reference staff will assist the students in the most expeditious manner to locate answers to their questions
  • we are always willing to work with you to create or fine-tune your library assignment!  Contact Dede Elrobeh for assistance.

Collaborative Classroom L-138 (Faculty)

The library classroom (L-138) may be scheduled by faculty for collaborative & library oriented work.  See the Library Collaborative Classroom policy for significant restrictions and details.

To schedule the library classroom, contact the library reference / information desk at 623-845-3112.

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