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Critter Farm Online Reservation System is currently unavailable.

Contact Media Services department to schedule Laptop and Technology checkout.

Checkout Policies and Procedures

  • Laptops and other items are checked out on a first-come, first-serve basis to current college employees for work-related use only. If you are an adjunct faculty, short-term, OYO or OSO employee, you can checkout resources only during the time you are under contract.
  • All reservations are limited to a maximum of 21 days.
  • All reservations are to be picked up from the Glendale Community College(GCC) Library Media Services Dept and signed out by the borrower. The borrower assumes all responsibility for the safe-keeping of the item(s). If the item(s) is not returned in the same condition in which it left, the borrower agrees to pay for the necessary repairs or replacement, per District policy.
  • Employees may only have up to two reservations in the system at one time for any one resource; however the reservations can not be concurrent.
  • A fine of $5 will be assessed for each day a checked out item is not returned beyond the scheduled return date, to a maximum late fee of $55 for returning an items 11 days late.
  • If a checkout item is not returned within the maximum late return period, the employee who checked out the item will be assessed the full purchase price of the equipment.
  • The self-service reservation process is designed to maximize the availability of the equipment to best serve the employees who need to use this equipment for official business. An employee with unusual checkout needs which are not allowed through the web site must contact Media Services at X53119 to request alternate arrangements.
  • Laptops are re-imaged (all files, programs, etc. from the previous use are permanently erased) between loan periods.
  • All the laptops have modems which allow for off-campus Internet access. You can use your eGCC Account user name and password to use the PPP connection to GCC.




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Before reserving equipment through the Critter Farm, please verify the posted GCC Library hours of operation.

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Building: Library Media Center (LMC)
Circulation: (623) 845-3109
Reference: (623) 845-3112
Building: (GCN B) "Beshbito"
Circulation: (623) 845-4109
Reference: (623) 845-4112

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