Welcome To The GCC Library Tutorial

The following pages will guide you to learn more about using the Glendale Community College Library, as well as conducting research, finding web articles, and using the web. Each page will consist of a title indicating the topic to follow, and some pages will include one or more quiz questions. You can navigate through the tutorial by using the 'next' or 'prev' page options found at the top and bottom of the screen. The tutorial will consist of thirty quiz questions that are found throughout the tutorial. If you get something wrong on any of the quiz questions, you are allowed to retry your answer immediately without any penalty.


You must receive a score of 70 percent or better to submit or print off your score on the quiz.

Submit and print off your score on the very last page.

*Blackboard Users: You MUST open this tutorial in a new window. Do not attempt tutorial while it is loaded in a Blackboard window.

**Access the GCC Library Tutorial using Internet Explorer 8 (or newer), Firefox, or Safari. Do NOT use Google Chrome.




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