Citation Formats


Preparing citations in the proper format for your "Works Cited" page can often be challenging. You first need to determine what style manual your instructor has requested that you use. Common style manuals are MLA (Modern Language Association), APA (American Psychological Association), and Turabian, and each provide guides to citing numerous types of publications, including web sites.

The current editions of these guides are kept at the Information Desk. We also provide handouts to help you with typical citation formats, see the LMC Citation Guides.

The Library Home Page also has an extensive Citation Guide to help you with formatting which includes online documents on style, as well as links to citation generators, and tutorials from other institutions.

Go Here: Library Media Center Citation Guide


Citation Generators

Citation generators are great tools to use to create and modify a works cited list. The library highly recommends always editing and double checking a list that is generated for you for errors. Also be aware that your instructor may have specific instructions for your works cited list and that you should adjust accordingly. Listed below are just a few of the citations generators that are available for free on the web. 


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