Article Types

You may have noticed that there were several different types of articles listed on the previous page. The table below provides more information about these article types:

(Adapted from D. Isbell ASU West)


Types Of Articles And Their Key Features










Scholarly Journal




Specialized subjects



Extend knowledge in a field



Scholars or researchers


Plain format;

little to no color;

no ads





General, popular subjects


Inform or entertain


Journalists or staff reporters


photos, graphics;

lots of ads





General, current-events subjects


Inform on current events, some entertainment


Journalists or staff reporters


Typically black and white;

lots of photos; ads





General established knowledge (Encyclopedia-type Information)

Inform reader about basic facts and knowledge

Scholars and publishers

Typically text-based;

may have some images


Using Information Strategically

With knowledge of the different types of library information, you can begin thinking of ways to search for information strategically. For instance, if you are not very knowledgeable about a topic, you might begin with a reference article to get needed background information. If your topic is current or controversial, you might look for a magazine or newspaper article. If your research requires a great deal of in-depth information, you might focus on scholarly article or book resources.



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If your instructor asked you to find research articles written by scholars, which would be the best option?




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What is the best article type if you are looking for reliable background facts and information on a topic?


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