Periodical Formats

Newspaper, magazine and journal articles come in a variety of formats.  Glendale Community College library carries print, electronic, and even microfilm, versions of many periodicals.  The easiest way to find out if GCC's  library carries print or electronic access to a particular periodical is to check the "Find Journal Titles" link at GCC's homepage:







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What's the easiest way to find out if GCC's library carries a particular periodical?



(Adapted from D. Isbell ASU West)


Types Of Periodicals And Their Key Features












Scholarly Journal




Specialized subjects



Extend knowledge in a field



Scholars or researchers


Plain format;

little to no color;

no ads


Low budget; limited availability





General, popular subjects


Inform or entertain


Journalists or staff reporters

Glossy; photos, graphics; lots of ads


High budget;

readily available





General, current-events subjects


Inform on current events, some entertainment


Journalists or staff reporters


Typically black and white; lots of photos; ads


Moderate budget; readily available




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If your instructor asked you to find an article from a general periodical that is updated daily, which periodical type would you look for?



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If your teacher tells you to start your research by looking at more general articles before more scholarly articles, in which order would you look at these sources?

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