Locating Articles Using Electronic Databases


To locate newspaper, magazine or journal articles, start at the library's homepage, http://lib.gccaz.edu/lmc/ and under the 'Research' tab, click on the link to 'Articles and Databases'



Electronic Database List

Each of the hyperlinks below represents access to a different database, each one indexing articles from hundreds of different periodicals. Some databases are general, meaning they cover a wide variety of different topics and subject areas:




Sometimes, though, you'll want to look in a subject-specific database in order to get access to articles that focus on a particular subject matter, such as: Biology, Literature, Psychology, Business, Philosophy, etc. To find the different databases that specialize in a particular subject, you can scroll down the list, or you can select a topic from the Subject List on the right-hand side of the Electronic Database List:





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Your assignment is to write a paper on stem cell research; what type of database(s) would you use to find articles on your topic?

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