Where do you Find Library Information?

Introducing the Library Website 

The library home page is the portal you will use to search for information, find resources, and access online materials. Below are labeled the major parts of the library home page along with a brief description of each part below:

The Menu Bar

The menu bar at the very top of the library home page pops out whenever you hover your mouse over it. From there, it provides links to all the main library pages.


The Search Box

The Search Box is the quickest and easiest way to begin searching for library information and resources. Here you can search for resources, find links to important databases, explore the Library Web site and GCC Archive page, and more. The Search Box is probably the most important aspect of the home page, and the remainder of this tutorial explores it in further detail.


News, Calendar, & Events

The top of this section shows featured news items for those looking to learn more about current events and resources at the GCC Library. As well, below the news items, you will find our Event & Display calendar that lists current and upcoming library events and items being displayed within the library, and our Classroom Calendar that shows which classes are scheduled to either be taught by librarians or held in the library classroom.


Important Links & Account/Renew Books Login

This section features some of the most important databases and library links along with a tool that allows you to quickly and easily log into your library account and renew books.


Featured Books

This section shows a list of featured books. Click on an individual book or the title of the list for more details and information on the featured items.


Contact Bar

While you are always welcome to visit us in the library, the Contact Bar to the right provides additional ways you can contact a librarian for help and assistance through email, phone, and our 24/7 chat service.


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