Sections of the Tutorial

The tutorial is divided into five major sections.  The current tutorial covers all five sections.  However, you can also take the tutorial section by section.  To do so, go back to the tutorial page and select the section you wish to take.  Below is a list of each tutorial section and what will be covered in it.

Section One: The World of Information

·         The Modern Information Environment

·         The Concept of 'Information Literacy'

·         Strategies for Evaluating Information

·         The Library Advantage

Section Two: Getting Started with the Library

·         Types of Information at the Library

·         Beginning the Research Process

·         Basic and Advanced Search Strategies

·         Introducing the Library Home Page and Search Systems

Section Three: The Library Search Box

·         About the Library Search Box

·         The Tabs of the Library Search Box

·         The "What are You Researching?" Feature

·         Getting Results and Accessing Content

Section Four: Library Databases

·         About Library Databases

·         Finding, Selecting, and Accessing Library Databases

·         Information on Searching a General Database

·         Information on Searching Contemporary Issues and Subject-Specific Databases

Section Five: Citing Sources

·         Why Cite?

·         Identifying What Information Needs to be Cited

·         General Information About Citing Sources

·         Resources and Tools to Help You Cite


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