Searching A General Database

Let's apply what we've learned so far to a sample search in the electronic database, MasterFILE Premiere. Here's a recap on how to get there:

• Library Homepage at; select Articles and Databases

• Scroll down to MasterFILE Premiere, click on the link

• Remember: if you use a database from off campus, you will need to have your MEID username and password for remote access.




To do a basic keyword search on the broad topic of cloning, type 'cloning' (without the quote marks) in the first search box at the top left side of the search screen. Notice that under the "Limit your results" bar, the box labeled "Full text" is checked; this means the database will only list those articles available in full-text format. Hit enter, or click on the Search tab.





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Value: 1
Limiting your search results to "Full Text" means your results list will contain only those articles that are available in their entirety, that is, the full article is available, not just the article description & citation.

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