The Tabbed Search Box, Tab by Tab

One Search

The One Search option searches nearly all of our databases and the books and video catalog simultaneously, giving you quick and easy access to nearly everything the library has on a topic. On this tab, the default option All Maricopa Items searches all of the online items to which the library subscribes along with all of the physical items (books/dvds) from the ten Maricopa Community College Libraries. The Online Items option allows one to narrow to just the online resources to which the library subscribes. The GCC Physical Items option limits to the physical items found at the GCC Libraries. Finally, additional helpful links are on this tab that will guide you to the GCC Library Databases, GCC Library Catalog options, and the Advanced Search interface of the Search Box.


Find Articles

The Find Articles tab limits your search to all of our online articles. Radio buttons on this page allow you narrow down by article types (Peer Reviewed / Scholarly, Magazines, Newspapers, and Reference) or use our Google Scholar search scoped to the GCC Library.



Find Books


The Find Books tab allows you to search for both physical library books and ebooks. It provides three radio button options. Physical Books searches the physical books of the GCC Libraries. This search will narrow to the campus in which you are located, and if off campus, results will appear from both Main and North locations. The eBooks option limits to our online eBooks which can be accessed and read online. The All Maricopa option searches both eBooks and physical books across all ten colleges in the Maricopa Community College Library District. As well, to the right you will see links for our Signature Collections. These signature collections are physical book items that are arranged by collection and include Awards/Featured, Career/College, Leisure Reading, Literacy, Juvenile/Children's, Pro/Con, and Reference.


Find Video


The Find Video tab searches both the online and physical videos of the library. Limiters allow you to further refine your search to Streaming Video, or videos that can be watched online and BluRay/DVD/VHS videos that can be found on the shelves of the library.



Music / Art


The Music/Art tab searches for music and art resources in the library. Radio buttons give you the option of searching our CDs, our collections of Music Scores for sheet music, and our collection of online Artwork. It is important to not, in order to search Artwork, you will have to turn off your pop-up blocker.






The Databases tab allows you to search for online databases to which the library subscribes. You have three options for accessing databases. First, you can select a subject category from the drop down subject listing of databases that will take you to a page that lists all the databases in a subject area. Second, you can click on links to either our Database by Title or Database by Subject pages, which will take you directly to these listings of our databases. Finally, you can also search for databases by using the search box in the very right hand column.



GCC Archives

The GCC Archives tab searches our historical and archival Glendale Community College collections. These collections reveal the rich history of Glendale Community College and its transformation throughout the years. You can search either for online archival materials through the GCC AZ Memory Online Archive option or for physical archival materials through Physical Archive Materials option.



Journal Finder

Curious as to whether the library subscribes to a specific journal, magazine, or newspaper? This tab allows you to search for by title, and provides links to search by subject listings. It is important to note: this tab does not search the content of these journals, but simply searches our collections to tell which journals are those to which we subscribe.



Library Site

Finally, the Library Site tab searches the actual library web site for content and pages. The site index below also provides quick and easy access to the alphabetical list of library web pages.



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