Finding Physical Library Content in Four Steps

Step One: Use the Search Box to Find the Item

First type in either the title, author, or topic you are looking for in the search box. As well, you can use the tabs in the search box, to limit to physical videos or physical books as seen below:

Search Box (Book Tab)


Step Two: Find the Collection and Call Number of the Item

After searching for an item in the search box, you will see a list of results. After identifying your desired item, you will need to write down three important pieces of information: Library in which Item is Located, whether it be GCC Main or North (Please note: items may be available at multiple locations and you may have to click "Show More" to display all the libraries containing the item), Collection where Item is Located, and the Call Number of the Item.

Sample Book Result with location information highlighted.

Step Three: Go to the Collection in which the Item is Located and Find the Item on the Shelf with the Call Number

Next, you will want to find the section in which the item is located, whether it be a part of the Main Circulating Collection, the Pro/Con Collection, the DVD Collection, the Leisure Reading Section, or elsewhere. To find the section in which your item is located, consult this map. From here, you will locate your item based upon its Call Number. The Call Numbers are arranged alphabetically and numerically according to Library of Congress Classification. For more information about Library of Congress Classification, please read below.


Library of Congress Classification:

A key to finding books and media (DVD's, VHS tapes, streaming films and government document reports) on your topic is to understand how academic libraries are organized.

Most academic libraries, including GCC, use the Library of Congress Classification system (LC). The Library of Congress system divides knowledge into 21 areas; each area is identified by a letter of the alphabet.  

A--General Works

B--Philosophy, Psychology, Religion

C--Auxiliary Science of History

D--History: General and Old World

E--History: America

F--History: America

G--Geography, Anthropology, Recreation

H--Social Sciences

J--Political Sciences


M--Music and Books on Music

N--Fine Arts

P--Language and Literature





U--Military Science

V--Naval Science

Z--Library Science


Light Bulb Helpful Hint Logo Handouts of a more detailed explanation of the LC Classification System are available at the LMC Information Desk. Finally, if you need any help finding materials, you can always Ask a Librarian and we will be more than happy to assist! ! !


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