Finding Books, DVDs/VHS, Streaming Films, & Online Government Document Reports

A key to finding books and media (DVDs, VHS tapes, streaming films and government document reports) on your topic is to understand how academic libraries are organized.

Most academic libraries, including GCC, use the Library of Congress Classification system (LC). The Library of Congress system divides knowledge into 21 areas; each area is identified by a letter of the alphabet.  

A--General Works

B--Philosophy, Psychology, Religion

C--Auxiliary Science of History

D--History: General and Old World

E--History: America

F--History: America

G--Geography, Anthropology, Recreation

H--Social Sciences

J--Political Sciences


M--Music and Books on Music

N--Fine Arts

P--Language and Literature





U--Military Science

V--Naval Science

Z--Library Science


SnagLightbulb.jpg Handouts of a more detailed explanation of the LC Classification System are available at the LMC Information Desk


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