Identify And Develop Your Topic


Some steps to take:


Questions Keywords Subject Terms & Related Words/Phrases
What effect does alcohol abuse have on college students? alcohol abuse, college students alcoholism, binge drinking, young adults
What risks do consumers face when shopping online? consumer risks, online shopping Internet, electronic commerce, data encryption
Does globalization result in lower wages for workers and the loss of jobs? globalization, workers, wages, jobs international economic relations, labor


Subject Searching

Subject searches require that you know a "controlled vocabulary," which are the exact subject headings used by the particular database. In library catalogs, these are the Library of Congress Subject Headings. In other databases, they are the descriptors or index terms specific to that database. Help screens or online thesauri will help identify correct subject headings.


Other resources to help you develop your topic and questions:







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Subject searches use "controlled vocabulary," the exact subject headings assigned by the Library of Congress.

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