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The catalog automatically does a Keyword search, which is a very broad search.   Try to determine what the essential words in your topic are, and only use those terms when you begin your search.

For example: if you are writing a report on the latest research on the topic of stem cells, try typing those three keywords into the search box of the main search screen, then click on " Search "




Searching this way produces a results screen with over 400,000 items (books, videos, database articles, ebooks, and more!) on the topic of stem cell research:




By limiting your search to "Library Books and Videos" you can then look through search results that are either available within the library or an electronic resource such as an ebook or streaming video. You may also choose to limit to only books or videos by choosing a specific "Source Type" from the left hand menu.




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What is the title of the third book listed on the results screen of the example search above (on stem cell research)?

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