Search Terms: Subject

Subject terms are the terms used by the Library of Congress to group items by topic. To search for an item by subject, type the subject word(s)

into the search box of the main search screen, then click search. So, a search for items on the subject, Physics, would look like this:


pic 10.png  


The results screen for a search on the topic of Physics produces over 2,000,000 hits and looks like this:




To narrow the results even further, look at the column on the left hand side, and scroll down until you see " Subject;" this lists subject terms that you can choose to limit your results.   Once you have chosen your subject term, click 'Update,' and your revised results will appear:



SnagLightbulb.jpg Notice that the title of each item is listed at the top of the record, it is blue, and is hyperlinked to more detailed information on the material, including publication data or a description.


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