Retrieving Articles


Below are two results lists of a subject search on cloning, with the results listed first by date, then by relevance. A relevance sort means the results are displayed by how closely the subject terms match the words used in the search. You can opt to have your results listed by date (oldest to newest or newest to oldest) or by relevance simply by clicking on the "Date Descending Sort" tag at the top of the results screen.


Sample Database Results Page




Sample Database Results Page



Whether you sort your results by date or by relevance, you can retrieve (i.e. 'get') the articles you are interested in by:


1. Clicking on the title listed at the top of the entry for an article in the results list; OR

2. Clicking on the HTML or PDF link shown at the bottom of the entry for an article in the results lists;


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To view your results list by the date the articles were written, you would sort your list by clicking on:




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PDF files may take some time to download and view due to their size; they are articles that have been scanned, as opposed to HTML articles, which are digital 'translations' of articles.


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