Articles and Interlibrary Loan


If you find the perfect article for your assignment, but the full text of the article is not available at GCC, there are several options for getting a copy of the article from another library. They are:

1. Check the library catalog to see if another library within the MCCCD system owns the periodical in which your article appeared. If another library in the MCCCD system carries the periodical, you can arrange to have it sent over to GCC. Take your citation information on the article (title, author, source/ name of periodical, & date information) to the reference desk at GCC or log on to "Ask a Librarian" for assistance in getting the article;

2. If none of GCC's sister colleges carries the periodical, another local library might. Bring your citation information to the reference desk and ask the librarian to help you locate the article at one of the local public libraries (like Glendale Public Library) or another academic library (e.g. ASU West's Fletcher Library);

3. If the periodical that contains your article is not available locally, you may want to initiate a wider search for the article by starting an Interlibrary Loan request. Bring your citation information to the reference desk and ask a librarian to help you.


Helpful Hint Icon An interlibrary loan request outside of the MCCCD system takes time. Start your research early and remember to ask for help if you are not finding the information you need!



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If you need to get an article from another library, you will need to supply the citation information on the article; what information is contained in a citation?




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