Evaluating Web Sources


The quality of sources on the Web varies greatly. Remember there is no built- in quality control nor governing authority for the Web. The criteria below are very useful in helping evaluate sites and to help find high quality information on the Web.



Evaluation Criteria


  • Is the information timely?
  • When was the site updated?



  • Is the expertise or background of the author listed?
  • Does the author seem qualified for writing this?



  • For whom is the information intended and what knowledge level is expected?



  • Is there a bias or strong opinion evident?
  • Was this written to inform, persuade, advertise, or....?



  • Is the information reliable and error free?
  • Can you tell if the story is straight?  
  • Are the facts all there? Or is this only part of a bigger story?




  • Is the information complete?
  • Does it offer in-depth material of value?



  • Is the page "signed" and is information about the author/ authority's affiliation evident?
  • What organization (if any) hosts/sponsors this information?
  • Does the group sponsoring the information have a particular purpose?



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