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Periodicals in the Library Media Center can be found in 3 different formats including the following:

Print magazines, journals, and newspapers – current issues of magazines and newspapers are available for browsing.  The newspapers, including a Foreign Language selection, are found next to the Circulation counter; the magazines are on a wall between the book stacks and the group study rooms on the north side of the library. The back issues of all print periodicals are housed in the Access Services workroom behind the Circulation counter.  Particular issues should be requested at the Circulation counter, where they may be checked out for two hours.

Microforms – microforms come in two formats, microfilm & microfiche.  These materials are housed in the Microforms Room on the north side of the library.  As they require the use of a special viewing machine, please ask for assistance at the Information desk when in need of an article in these formats.

Electronic (Databases) – for more information on periodicals found in an electronic format, please visit the Database Collection (to search for articles) or the Electronic Journals (to find particular Journal/Magazine/Newspaper titles) page. 

Searching for Periodicals

You may browse or search the periodical collection by keyword, title, or subject discipline.

To search for articles, use one of the databases found in the database listing.

Collection Description

The Library Media Center offers periodicals in a variety of formats – print, microfilm, microfiche, and electronic (computer). 

The print collection includes a selection of popular reading materials designed to support the curriculum while appealing to general student interest.  Many print scholarly publications and periodicals of local interest are collected.

The library owns a collection of foreign language newspapers sponsored by the International Students Association.  These are include newspapers subscriptions in Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, and Vietnamese.  Other local and national newspapers are also available.

The electronic periodical collection is vast, supporting all of the disciplines taught at Glendale Community College.  Generally, the electronic periodical collection is not selected title-by-title.  Rather, e-periodicals are purchased in aggregated collections found in databases.  See the database listings for more details.

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Did you know?
The term “periodicals” refers to publications that are published on a regular basis, such as daily, weekly, or monthly.  Magazines, newspapers, and journals are all periodicals.

Circulation Policies
Periodicals must remain in the library.  Back issues may be checked out at the Circulation Desk for a period of two hours.
Current newspapers will be found next to the Circulation counter.

Current popular magazines are located on shelves north of the Computer Commons area and tall book stacks. 

Back issues and less popular periodicals are in the staff area behind the Circulation counter.

Microforms are in the Microforms Room in the north  area of the building.

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