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  • You can also Browse the Documentary Television Titles; however, these films are interfiled throughout the collection with books on the same subject and according to Library of Congress Classification.

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  • Adding the word 'videorecording' to any search of the GCC Libraries' catalog will limit your search results to DVD or VHS formats.
  • Use the Advanced Search Screen of the GCC Libraries' catalog to limit to various format types, including 'Videos and DVDs'.
  • Streaming video may not be returned in these searches.  See the Streaming Video Collections webpage.

Collection Description

The GCC Libraries collect a wide array of documentary and feature films. The choices in the collection are guided by our collection development guidelines.  Specifically:


In choosing videos and media materials for the collection, the following will be considered in addition to the General Selection Criteria, the Association of College and Research Libraries publication, Guidelines For Media Resources In Academic Libraries and the mission of the library.

  1. Leisure vs. curricular support - Media materials will be purchased for both student circulating and instructional support reserves/reference collections.
  2. Copyright/licensing issues - These issues may determine the access, housing and/or the network distribution of the titles. At time of purchase it is standard policy to seek broadband usage permission from copyright holders. It is the aim of the GCC Libraries to allow student access to all of our collection as long as it does not interfere with the delivery of instruction.
  3. Longevity - Videocassettes are not the best format for long-term usage and archiving. Whenever possible the best medium will be purchased for those ends.
  4. Format (tape vs. DVD) - Purchase of titles in DVD format will favorably be considered over videocassettes if available. Materials in outdated format (i.e. ¾", 16 mm film, filmstrips, and slide kits) will no longer be considered for purchase. Those formats presently in the collection will eventually be withdrawn or re-formatted. The 1998 Digital Millennium Copyright Act permits the reformatting of materials from obsolete formats without permission. See the revisions to Section 108 for specific provisions (United States Code 17). The GCC Libraries are rapidly moving into the streaming video format allowing video on demand 24/7. The titles in this collection are subscribed to on an annual basis.
  5. Price/value/cost - Cost of the material may have a bearing on the purchase of the material.
  6. Technical quality - Poor video or audio quality materials will be discouraged for selection into the collection.

Selecting, developing, and maintaining the library's video collection is the responsibility of the Media Services Librarian with input from fellow faculty librarians, GCC faculty and student request demand.



Circulation Policies
DVDs and VHS tapes located in the general collection may be checked out by any GCC affiliate for 7 days. Users can check out no more than 3 videos at one time.

Videos located at the Circulation Desk can only be taken out of the library by faculty or for classroom use. Students must view these videos at one of the viewing stations in the library.

Streamed videos must be viewed online.  Off-campus access is limited to GCC students & staff  using their MEID account and password.

DVD and VHS are located either at the Circulation Desk or within the General Collection by call number.

Most feature films in the General Collection are located at the call number PN1997.

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