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English & Literature

Literature Resource Center (Gale)  

Coverage Range: Varies - current
Includes: Citations & Abstracts · Full Text ·
Provides literary overviews, biographies, and criticism for more the 128,000 writers; includes index to extensive Gale literary series. Publisher: Gale Cengage Learning

Literary Reference Center  

Includes: Citations & Abstracts · Full Text · Encyclopedia & Dictionaries · General Reference Source · eBooks · eJournal ·
Provides information on thousands of authors and their works across literary disciplines and time frames. Includes biographies, criticisms, summaries, and more. Publisher: EBSCOhost

Humanities Source  

Coverage Range: 1907 - pres
Includes: Full Text ·
Developed through a merger of EBSCO & H.W. Wilson databases, it contains more than 1520 full text journals pertaining to literary, scholarly, and creative thought. Includes 591 unique titles (40.8% of its collection), as compared to current GCC Library databases. Publisher: EBSCOhost

Literature Criticism Online   

Includes: Full Text · General Reference Source ·
Provides full text pdf-only access to <i>Short Story Criticism</i>, <i>Poetry Criticism</i>, and <i>Drama Criticism</i>. Publisher: Gale Cengage Learning

Humanities and Social Sci Retro  

Coverage Range: 1907 - 1984
Includes: Citations & Abstracts ·
Offers the ability to search a wide range of important journals in the humanities and social sciences as far back as 1907. Publisher: EBSCOhost

Gale Reference (Gale eBooks) - Literature  

Includes: Full Text · Encyclopedia & Dictionaries ·
This collection brings together a large collection of reference works in literary criticism and literature form the database Gale Virtual Reference Library. Publisher: Gale Cengage Learning

Salem Literature  

Includes: Citations & Abstracts · Full Text · Encyclopedia & Dictionaries · General Reference Source · eBooks ·
Includes access literary criticism and overviews via Critical Insights, Critical Surveys, Magill's Literary Annuals, and Masterplots publications. Publisher: Salem Press

Oxford English Dictionary (OED)  

Includes: Full Text · Encyclopedia & Dictionaries · General Reference Source ·
Multi-volume authority on the usage and meaning of English words and phrases; includes historic definitions and cites early use. Publisher: Oxford University Press

World Folklore & Folklife  

Includes: Full Text · Primary Sources · Image Resource · General Reference Source ·
Resources related to the myths, legends, and folktales of a particular people, as well as geography, history, religion, beliefs, rituals, ceremonies, holidays, festivals, music, dance, food, drink, arts, crafts, and challenges of the modern world. Publisher: ABC-CLIO

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