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Please note: information supplied on this form may be posted to the library classroom calendar which is accessible on the web and may be findable via commercial search engines.
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Please note, depending on the complexity of your request and our workload, it may take several business days to come up with a quality ADA compliant instruction solution (video, tutorial, etc.). Therefore, while we will try to hit your due date, you will need to speak to a librarian to verify the time in which solution can be implemented.

Please let us know if you have any of your students might require additional accommodation.

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Scheduling Options
Fill out an Instruction Request form at the Information / Reference Desk in the Library.

Call the Information / Reference Desk at 623-845-3112

Contact Sabra Greisman, GCC Libraries' Administrative Secretary.

Use the web form to the left.

Important Details:
You will be contacted by e-mail to confirm the date and time, or to schedule an alternate date.

Please ensure that your students are aware of their MEID username and password prior to library sessions.

Instructors should be present during presentations by the library faculty. If the regular instructor cannot be present, please arrange for a substitute.

The library classroom may be booked for independent classroom work (w/o librarian instruction).  Significant restrictions apply; see usage policy.

Finally, please make sure that your students are aware of the library food and drink policy, which prohibits bringing food and open/spillable drinks into the library (drinks in sealed containers with screw top lids that will not spill when inverted are acceptable).

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