Plug-and-Play Tutorials

The GCC Library has created a number of Plug-and-Play tutorials and more are on the way! These tutorials are highly interactive learning objects that are able to be uploaded into Canvas courses as graded assignments.


Below you will find both Previews and Download Packages for each tutorial along with their estimated time of completion. The Previews are meant to show the tutorial, so that you can preview it to see if it is something you would like to utilize in your Canvas course. The Download Packages are the actual files and content you will need to upload into your Canvas course. The process of uploading these files into Canvas is really easy thought. For information on how to upload these Download Packages, please see:

Note for Mac Users: On Mac Computers, we recommend not using the Safari browser to upload the tutorials to Canvas, as this browser unzips the Canvas Download Packages and prevents these packages (which need to be in a .zip format) from uploading into Canvas properly. However, there are no issues with students actually taking the tutorials in Canvas on Macs or through Safari.

Important Note about Gradebook Scores: In some instances, students scores are not populating correctly into the gradebook (displaying as zeroes). This typically occurs when a student begins a tutorial but does not finish it the first time around, but instead tries to complete it later. However, the Canvas gradebook score doesn't seem to update in these cases. If this is the case, we suggest letting students print out or take a screenshot of their results page at the end of the tutorial. Additionally, they have the ability to email themselves their score from the tutorial upon its completion. From there, the instructor can manually enter the score into the gradebook. We have reached out to Articulate Storyline about this issue and they are unable to resolve it. Sorry for the inconvinience.

Quick Introduction to the Library Tutorial  Updated 9/22

This tutorial does a quick fifteen minute introduction to the GCC Library highlighting the information, ask, and study services we provide.

Evaluating Information Resources  Updated 9/23

This short half an hour tutorial is meant to help students learn how to evaluate information resources and discern between quality information and misinformation.

Become a Student Fact Checker  Updated 5/22

This short tutorial will help students to fact-check the news and information they find online.

The method for adding this tutorial is different, please follow the instructions on this video to add this tutorial into Canvas.

Technology, Algorithms, & Influence  Updated 4/22

This short tutorial will help students understand more about bias, the role technology plays in bias, and other technological factors influencing the information environment.

The method for adding this tutorial is different, please follow the instructions on this video to add this tutorial into Canvas.

Rhetorical Analysis Research  Updated 9/22

This tutorial shows students how to find research sources for a rhetorical analysis essay.

Plagiarism Tutorial  Updated 9/22

This tutorial covers the topic of plagiarism, including definitions of plagiarism, examples of plagiarism, and strategies to avoid plagiarism.

To Cite or Not to Cite  Updated 5/21

This brief tutorial helps students understand when citation is needed or not needed in their paper. There is a particular focus upon the concept of common knowledge that doesn't need to be cited and when knowledge becomes less common and needs to be cited.

MLA Citation Tutorials  Updated 9/22

This series of tutorials covers MLA Citation in-depth. The tutorial is broken down into two major parts listed below. As well, the first section can be broken down further into four smaller sections if desired. Therefore, for part one you can either upload all of Part One at once or the four sections seperately. Parts are meant to be taken in order for maximum benefit.

MLA Tutorial Preview:

MLA Tutorial Download Packages

APA Citations Tutorials  Updated 9/22

This series of tutorials covers APA Citation in-depth. The tuturial can either be taken all at once or through its four component sections. A second part dealing specifically with quoting, paraphrasing, and summarizing (similar to the MLA Part Two) is currently under development.

APA Tutorial Preview:

APA Tutorial Download Packages

General Softchalk GCC Library Tutorial  Updated 5/21

The General GCC Library Tutorial was developed in an earlier system, and right now cannot be uploaded into Canvas. However, it does give students the ability to email themselves their scores or even create a printable certificate that they can share with instructors. You can access the general GCC Library Tutorial through the link below:

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