Request the Gaucho Gears Library BookBike

Would you like to see the GCC Gaucho Gears Library BookBike in action and book it and a friendly librarian to come to your next campus event? Well, you have come to the right place. Fill out the form below and you too can hear the glorious music of the book bike bell as it rolls up to support your event.

Service is not available during semester breaks and holiday periods when the Library is closed. See Library Hours.  See sidebar for information about summer sessions.





Sample: 8/30/2018  

Start Time:

End Time:

As much as possible, we try to stock the book bike with relevant books and resources to match your event. With this in mind, please tell us the title of your event and a little bit about it so that we can know what titles and resources to bring. As well, if you have any special requests or ideas for collaboration, please let us know here.

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