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Answers to Exercise C "Exploring the Library" in Research Papers, 14th ed. by William Coyle and Joe Law are marked as such: [ENG101].

This collection of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) answers many common questions about GCC Libraries

Many answers to library "scavenger hunt" exercise questions can be found on these pages including info about library organization, policies, procedures, services, etc.

Reference librarians and staff are available to answer your questions about the resources, policies, and procedures.  If you need assistance, please ask.
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  • What does "Beshbito" mean at GCC North?

  • Beshbito is the name of the building that houses the Library and Computer Center at GCC North. "'Beshbito' means 'water pipe' in the Navajo language. Just as Beshbito Wash provides a conduit or pipe for water in Navajo County, students will access the conduits to academic resources found in this building to drink, metaphorically speaking, from the springs of knowledge available in both print and electronic formats."

    The building was designed by RNL Design and the construction company was CORE Construction.

    Link: RNL Design
  • Can my campus organization put up a display in the library?

  • In most cases yes, but please read the LMC Display Policy for guidelines.

    Link: Display Policy
  • How do I apply for employment in the Library Media Center? 

  • Employment / Jobs in the Library Media Center

    Student Assistants:

    Library Student Assistants must be current Glendale Community College students.

    Employment opportunities depend upon the availability of job openings, funding, and the times when students are available to work. Students are hired from both budgeted funding and Federal Work Study (FWS) awards. Students do not need to have a Federal Work Study Award or be receiving other financial aid to qualify for employment. Both current budget and Federal Work Study jobs are posted in Career Services. FWS must start at Career Services to get a referral before applying with the library. 

    The library accepts application for student positions throughout the year; however, most positions are filled in August and September. Other months to apply are January and May. We suggest students apply in early August for the fall semester and December for the spring semester. Students interested in working in the Library Media Center can obtain an application at Access Services or the Circulation Desk in the Library Media Center.

    Positions in the library involve working in an active public service environment and may require evening and weekend hours. Students should plan for a 2 hour minimum for each block of work time.

    For additional information, please contact:

    Access Services: Judy Fleming (, 623.845.3117.

    Library Staff and Library Faculty Positions:

    Openings for permanent staff positions are posted at the Maricopa County Community Colleges District website:


    Adjunct Library Faculty Positions:

    Professional librarians interested in working in an adjunct or part-time capacity should contact the LMC department chair, Frank Torres at 623.845.3904.

    Adjunct librarians must meet the minimum qualifications as full-time, residential professional librarians:

    - Master’s Degree in Library or Information Science (or its equivalent) from a graduate professional program accredited by the American Library Association.

    - EDU 250 – Overview of the Community Colleges or its equivalent must be completed within two years of date of hire.

  • What are the hours of operation of the library?

  • Library hours for both the GCC Main and GCC North are linked from the Library Home page to the Hours page.

    [Info helps to answer Eng101 / Coyle assignment.]

    Link: Library Hours
  • Who is John F. Prince?

  • Image of John F. Prince

    Dr. Prince was the first administrative dean of the college. As Executive Director of the State Community College Board, he worked enthusiastically in the formation of the Maricopa County Junior College District (now the Maricopa County Community College District). His portrait is on the wall near the Circulation Desk at the West end of the Library Media Center.


    Link: Large picture of John F. Prince
    Link: More photos of John F. Prince from Arizona Memory Project

Borrowing Materials

  • What library privileges do GCC alumni have?

  • Registered alumni carrying an ID card can check out items in accord with normal circulation policies.

    Alumni may also enjoy many other benefits.  Check out the GCC Alumni Association webpage to apply for Alumni Association membership and for further details.

  • Can I borrow books from Glendale Public Library GPL?

  • Yes. Glendale Public Library is now part of the county reciprocal borrowing program.  Thus, anyone who resides in Maricopa county may obtain a GPL card by completing an application and providing appropriate identification to confirm residency.

    Glendale Public Library has three locations: the Main Library, just north of GCC on 59th Avenue, the Foothills Branch at 57th Avenue North of Union Hills, and the Velma Teague Library at 58th Avenue and Glendale.

    Link: Glendale Public Library
  • Can I get videos from other libraries on interlibrary loan?

  • Usually, no. Different campuses may have different policies. Loan status is indicated in the full catalog entry for the item. "Available" by itself usually means that it can be borrowed via interlibrary loan. If there is a "Non-Request" or "Local Request" indication, the video normally is restricted to use on that campus only. You can check with the Access Services department (Circulation Desk) for additional information.

  • How do I get books from other libraries? Periodical articles?

  • All GCC students have interlibrary loan privileges.

    If the books are in the libraries of the Maricopa Community College District...

    You can request them electronically by using the "Place Hold" link in the Classic Catalog. From there, you would simply log in with your MEID username and password (same login you use for Canvas and student email). Books obtained from other district libraries will normally arrive within 5 days, and you will be notified by your campus e-mail address. You can pick them up at the LMC's Circulation Desk (623.845.3109).

    There is a courier service that operates between GCC Main and GCC North. It is used to transfer items between these two campuses. Contact the reference desk at either library if you want to use this service. Transfer between GCC Main and GCC North usually take only a maximum of 2 days.

    If the book is NOT in the district libraries...

    Submit your book request by filling out the Interlibrary Loan form. If you have not created an InterLibrary Loan account, you will need to do this by clicking on the new-account button on the linked page (above) before submitting your book request.  The Interlibrary Loan form is available most directly via the 'Request Forms' link on the Library homepage.

    You will need to provide as much information about the book as possible. Also, you will need to allow a minimum of two weeks before we receive any books not in the community college system.

    To obtain periodical articles that are not available in GCC's library you will need to complete the request form - use the "articles" section. Again, provide as much information about the item as possible. Ask the librarian to help you if necessary. Incomplete information will delay processing. The lending library may assess a photocopy charge for articles, so it is important that you indicate the amount you are willing to pay for it.

    Link: Interlibrary Loan
  • Where do I pay library fines or debts?

  • First, check with the GCC Library Media Center Circulation Services (623.845.3109 or in person) since sometimes the fee has been cancelled. If there is a fine or debt on your account, make payments at the Cashier's Office (623.845.3589) in the Enrollment Center building (payments may be made by phone - contact the Cashier's Office).

    Link: Loan Policy
  • How many books and other items can I borrow and for how long?

  • The limit is 20 books at one time, and only 5 on an individual subject.  Additionally, students may check out up to five DVD, CDs, or non-book items.  Loan periods vary by item or collection types.  Please see our Circulation Services page has information about loan periods and policies, including fines and debts procedures, for all types of library materials.

    [Info helps to answer Eng101 / Coyle assignment.]

    Link: Circulation Services
  • Can students enrolled in non-credit classes check out books?

  • Students enrolled in non-credit classes (including NC500) do not have the same checkout privileges as students enrolled in credit classes. 

    Non-credit students may be eligible to obtain a community card which allows for the checkout of one item at a time.  Please see community borrower page for details.

  • Can I renew my books online?

  • Yes. Open the "My Account" tab on the Classic Catalog page and enter your MEID username and password. You can also log in through the link below.  Once logged in, go to the checkouts tab, click on the items you wish to renew, and then click on the "renew" button.  Please contact the LMC circulation desk or call (623)845-3109 if you have any issues.

    Link: Account / Renew Books
  • May I return GCC books at any library?

  • You may return books and other items to any other Maricopa Community College Library.  You may also return books to either our Main or North Campus, regardless of which Maricopa Community College you checked the book out at. 

    However, do NOT return books checked out from the colleges to the Glendale Public Library or any other public or state library.  Similarly, do NOT return public library books to the college library.

  • Can videos be checked out?

  • Videos at GCC Libraries fall into three major categories.

    Videos in the Video Section (DVD and VHS) can be checked out for one week.

    These videos are shelved in the Video Section (General - Circulating Collection) located by the Leisure Reading Room and copiers at the north end of the library and are arranged by call number.  Please note, only the DVD cases are shelved in this section, and you will pick up the actual disc at the Circulation Services counter upon checkout.

    Videos in the Instructional Collection (Circulation Collection) are available to non-faculty for in-library use only.

    These videos are kept in the Circulation Services area and can be viewed in library Study Rooms. As well, videos can also be viewed in the Media area at the east end of the building.

    Faculty may check out these videos for 7 days.

    GCC Libraries also provides access to Streaming Videos for  students, faculty, and staff as well as those located on the GCC campus.  These titles are available through our Films on Demand and Kanopy databases.  Most of the films carried are documentary and educational titles but there also some feature films as well.  To access these titles remotely, the use of your MEID and password is required.

    Link: Films on Demand
    Link: Kanopy Streaming Videos

Citing Sources

  • How do I write a citation for "this" in MLA / APA format? (book, article, document, etc.)

  • Preparing citations in the proper format for your "Works Cited" page can often be challenging. You first need to determine what style manual your instructor has requested that you use. Common style manuals are MLA (Modern Language Association), APA (American Psychological Association), and Turabian, and each provide guides to citing numerous types of publications, including web sites. The current editions of these guides are kept at the Reference Desk. We also provide handouts to help you with typical citation formats, see the LMC Citation Guides. THESE HANDOUTS CONTAIN ONLY BASIC INFORMATION. CONSULT THE MANUALS FOR THE MANY TYPES OF DOCUMENTATION REQUIRED.

    Link: Citation Guides

College and District Services

  • Where is the campus bookstore? Can I buy textbooks at the library?

  • The campus bookstore is located on the south end of campus just east of the central mall and southeast of the two-story Business building.

    Books are not available for sale at the library.  However, some textbooks may be available at the reserves desk within the library for in-library use or scanning.

    Link: Bookstore
  •  Does the library sell bus passes?

  • No.  However, check out the community alternatives page below for transportation options.

    Link: Commuting Options
  • Can I access Canvas at the Library or through the Library website?

  • The Canvas Classrooms learning management system can be accessed at the library computing stations and at the link, below.

    If students have forgotten their login name or password, they should follow instructions on the Canvas login page or contact the Tech Help Desk within the library.

    Link: Canvas Access
  • How do I find out what classes are available or what classes are offered?

  • The District provides a listing of classes that are available via the Find a Class system.  The list may be limited by college, semester, availability, and keyword.

    Link: Find a Class
  • Where can I find a tutor to help me with my course?

  • The GCC libraries do not provide tutoring services. The Center for Learning  (623. 845.3812) provides assistance for most subjects. Website:

COVID Related Library Service

  •  Are the GCC Libraries open during the COVID-19 campus closure?

  • Along with the GCC campus, the GCC Library buildings have been closed during he Spring 2020 semester on a ccount of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) situation.  That said, we are still committed to helping our studnets, faculty, and staff through online and distance support options, including phone service (623-845-3112), our 24/7 chat, email service, 1on1 online consultations and more...  For a listing of our different online and distance support options, please see our Ask a Librarian page (lined below).

    Link: Ask a Librarian

Finding Materials

  • Does the library have a "rare book room"?

  • The Library Media Center has an Archive Room (L-107) that has some older volumes as well as historical documents, photographs, and publications related to the college and library. Although not necessarily a "rare book" room in a traditional sense, it does contain some valuable and perhaps "rare" information. The room is not publicly accessible. Contact the Information/Reference desk for further information.  Additionally, many of the historical collections and photographs of the college can be found through the GCC Library Archives online site listed below.

    [Info helps to answer Eng101 / Coyle assignment.]

    Link: GCC Library Archives
  • How can I locate books in the library?

  • The Library Media Center uses the Library of Congress Classification System to organize its collection by subject category. This is the most common system used in academic libraries, and is different than the Dewey Decimal system, which is most frequently used in school and public libraries. Our guide, Library of Congress Classification System, provides an overview of the system and how to read call numbers and locate the books on the shelves.

    At GCC Main, the General collection or circulating book shelves (or "stacks") are on both north and south sides of our Computer Commons area; the reference books are housed in the low shelves near the Information/Reference Desk at the west end of the building. The books are shelved with the A-N classification range on the north side of the building, the N-Z range on the south side. The Juvenile and Oversize collections are shelved at the end of the Z classification area. The General or circulating collection is housed in "open" stacks; some media (DVDs, VHS tapes), back issues of periodicals and reserve materials are in "closed" stacks, and you have to request these items at the Circulation Desk. Also, a "Leisure Reading" collection is located at the north end of the General collection stacks, and you can browse here for recent fiction and non-fiction titles arranged by the last name of the author.

    GCC North. The Library & Computer Center has a similar arrangement. Low shelves contain reference materials; taller shelves house General Collection, Juvenile, and Pro/Con materials.

    The best way to locate books is to use the online catalog on our home page - Locate Books & Video. The library does not maintain a separate "Card Catalog." Books on a subject will be shelved together, generally, so you can browse. Nevertheless, it is a good practice to use the catalog since there are some idiosyncrasies in the system that may result in materials on similar topics having different call numbers. It is important to note that, unlike the Dewey system, there is no separate section for biographies and fiction is not arranged alphabetically by the author's last name.

    [Info helps to answer Eng101 / Coyle assignment.]

    Link: Library of Congress Classification System
    Link: Locate Books and Video
  • Is there an area where I can browse to locate current fiction and non-fiction books?

  • There is not a separate browsing collection or area in the libraries for recently acquired titles that is identified as such in the catalog record.

    The GCC Main and GCC North libraries do have small collections of contemporary and popular fiction and non-fiction titles in a "Leisure Reading" collection. These are arranged by the author's last name under the broad non-fiction and fiction categories.

    We also keep newly acquired titles in a book cart near the Reference/Information desk at GCC Main for a brief period before they are shelved in their permanent locations.  For additional fiction and non-fiction titles, you will need to search the catalog by the author or title to see if it has been added to our collection and assigned a call number.

    [Info helps to answer Eng101 / Coyle assignment.]

  • Does the library have e-books?

  • Yes. The MCCCD libraries have a subscription to eBrary and EBSCO eBooks, both which have thousands to which you have access.

    You can locate them by:

    1. Going to the GCC Library Home Page.
    2. Selecting the Find Books tab on the One Search box.
    3. Then, select eBooks on the radio button below.

  • Does the library have a recorded music collection?

  • Yes, the library does have a recorded music collection.  For more information, please see the Moloso Collection page.

    [Info helps to answer Eng101 / Coyle assignment.]

Library Services

  • Where can I get information on the artwork in the library?

  • An audio walking tour is available to add to your enjoyment of the art collection. Check out a listening wand at the circulation desk (GCC Main) to listen to the narrative about selected items of art. The tour is self-paced, which allows you to select from the featured pieces of art as you move about the library. We also have brochures available. Most of the art was either purchased by the student government association or donated to GCC.

    Link: Art Tour
  • How can I find information about other colleges?

  • 1. The Information/Reference Desk (GCC Main) has several comprehensive guides to other colleges that provide brief information about the school: entrance requirements, enrollment profiles, degrees offered, typical tuition and fees, student activities, contact information, etc.

    2. Catalogs for local colleges are available at the Circulation Desk (GCC Main).

    3. The College Source is a web-based service that allows you to locate colleges and access their catalogs electronically.

    Link: College Source Online
  • What disability services do GCC libraries offer?

  • GCC Libraries - Main Campus:

    Video Phone is located in Media Services, L-116 (east end of building). Users sign in at the Media Services counter, and get remote and assistance. 

    Computer Workstation in Computer Commons is reserved for disabled students. It has a Victor Reader and Zoom Text features.

    Study Carrells - There are two Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) - compliant study carrells in the study area adjacent to the library classroom, L-138. Work surface height can be adjusted on each carrell. 

    Ubi-Duo - At the reference desk, students are able to type in questions and receive text responses via our Ubi-Duo system. 

    The library staff will assist students with locating and retrieving library materials and with using photocopiers and other equipment; however, students requiring specialized  or extended assistance are encouraged to contact Disability Resources and Services (DRS) in the TDS building (GCC Main, 623.845.3080). DSR provides trained staff to assist impaired students. It also provides adaptive equipment and software to facilitate the use of educational and communication resources, such as Kurzweil readers, braille printers, scanners, Victor readers, Zoom Text, and more. HT1 also supports disabled services with similar equipment and software. 

    GCC Libraries - North Campus:

    GCC North Library provides adjustable tables, which are located on the east end of the library.  These are the clover-leaf tables with green partitions. 

    Users will be directed to DRS at the main campus for assistance for additional services.

    Link: Disability Services and Resources
    Link: Suggestions welcome
  • Where can I or my campus organization post announcement flyers in the library?

  • All posters and announcements in the libraries of both campuses must be approved by campus Student Life. The location of the office is in the Student Union, SU 101 at GCC Main, and in Building C at GCC North. Please post your announcements on the bulletin board near the restrooms in the LMC at GCC Main, and on the corkboard located in the restroom hallway at GCC North. Announcements that are not approved by Student Life or posted in areas other than those mentioned will be removed.

  • Can I get erasers and markers for the whiteboards in the study rooms?

  • You can check them out at the Circulation Desk at the both libraries.

  • Does the LMC have a photocopy service?

  • No, the GCC Main LMC does not provide a photocopy service where you can leave materials for copying. However, there are self-service copiers in the LMC near the Leisure Reading Room. Use either coins, or $1 bills to activate the copiers or put money on your student ID for copying or printing (the machine to add money onto your student ID is located by the copy machines). For bills larger than $1, there is also a bill exchanger where you can load larger bills for smaller ones. Also, the Copy Center next to the bookstore provides some services for students.

    During summer 2014 the Library added a networked scanner that allows users scan documents to be immediately emailed or saved to a USB drive. 

    At GCC North Library & Computer Center, there is a coin-operated photocopier next to the Circulation/Media desk and a Copy Center in the A Building.

    [Info helps to answer Eng101 / Coyle assignment.]

  • Can I get some help with a PowerPoint Presentation?

  • Yes. Our Media Services staff at GCC Main can assist you with using the PowerPoint Software and previewing your presentation. At GCC North, contact the Tech Help Desk in the computer area of the Library & Computer Center.

  • Where are the restrooms?

  • Restrooms are located in the Southwest corner of the Library Media Center (GCC Main) and on the north side of the west entry at GCC North.

  • Where can I find scholarship and financial aid information?

  • We have a number of informational books on Financial Aid and paying for college.  In addition, you may wish to consult the college Financial Aid Office.

    Link: Financial Aid Office
  • Do you have study carrels in the LMC?

  • Yes. Study carrels are located throughout the LMC (GCC Main) and at the east end of the Library and Computer Center (GCC North) [Info helps to answer Eng101 / Coyle assignment.]

  • Do you have private study rooms or group study rooms?

  • There are no private study rooms at either GCC Main or GCC North. At GCC Main, however, there are twelve group study rooms that are located on the north, southeast, and southwest areas of the building. Most of these rooms are available on a first come basis, but rooms L-103A and L-103B can be reserved online through the following system. Individuals may use the rooms, but groups have priority if they need the room. Please note that the rooms are not sound-proof so talking should be at a moderate level. There are four group study rooms at GCC North. Personal items (backpacks, books, etc.) left unattended in the study rooms will be removed by Campus Safety.

    Link: Group Study Room Policy
  • Do you have typewriters or word processors in the library?

  • Typewriters - no. However,you do have access to the Office suite of tools (word processing, spreadsheets, power point presentation software, etc.) on campus computers.

  • Can I get help with my writing at the Library?

  • The library does not regularly provide students with writing assistance. 

    Writing assistance and proofreading is available through the Writing Center as well as the Center for Learning.

    See weblinks for hours and details regarding appointments, drop-ins, and electronic assistance. 

    Link: Writing Center
    Link: Center for Learning

Library Use

  • How do I access my library account? What can I do there?

  • To access your library account, click on the link below or click on the "My Account" tab in the library catalog, or do so through the following link.

    From the Library Account page you can review checked-out materials and requested items, fine information, and renew books.

    Link: Access your Library Account
  • Can I access library databases from home?

  • Yes, but you will need to use your MEID and password. When you try to open the databases, you will be prompted to enter your MEID and password to gain access. See the list of databases available through the LMC @ GCC.

    Also, set your browser to accept "cookies". Some databases can only be accessed from on-campus; these are noted in the database list.

    Link: Library Database Listing
  • How can I use the computers in the Computer Commons (lab area in the libraries)?

  • Use of these computers is restricted to GCC students. You will need to use your MEID and password assigned to you (see below).

    Quick look up terminals are located near the Information/Reference Desk that can be used by any patron without a student account. These workstations are NOT connected to a printer.

    The Computer Commons at both GCC Main and GCC North is open for use on the same schedule as the rest of the library. Computer technicians staff the area if you have questions.

    Pay 4 Print began in  October, 2009 at both campuses. Printing documents costs ten cents per page. Money can be added to the student ID card up to a maximum amount of $10.

    [Info helps to answer Eng101 / Coyle assignment.]

  • Is there someplace on campus where I can use the computers when the library is closed?

  • At GCC main campus, the High Tech Center 1 has extended hours on Friday evenings. Check the High Tech Centers posted hours for times. At GCC North, when the Library and Computer Center is closed, there is no location to use computers. Wireless access is available in most parts of each campus.

    Link: High Tech Centers
    Link: HTC Hours
  • How can I get some basic instruction about using the library?

  • The Library Media Center home page has a link to GO! Gauchos Tutorial, an information literacy and library tutorial to show you how to use library resources. The information below may help also. Of course, you can always ask the librarians at the Information/Reference Desk for assistance to help you locate resources and services. The Library Media Center (GCC Main) and the Library & Computer Center (GCC North) are the only "libraries" on campus. Other departments may house their own small department collections in labs or elsewhere, but these are not part of the GCC libraries and their collections are not included in the library's catalog. The GCC libraries support undergraduate and certificate programs of the college.

    [Info helps to answer Eng101 / Coyle assignment.]

    Link: Go! Gauchos Tutorial
  • Do you have laptop computers I can use? Are there data ports I can use with your laptop or my own?

  • Yes we do have laptop computers at both campuses. You can borrow them at the Media Services Desk (GCC Main) or Circulation/Media Desk (GCC North). They are to be used only in the library. There is a four (4) hour time limit.

    You can use your own laptop computers in the library via our password protected wireless network, but active data ports are not available. 

  • How do community members get a library card?

  • Ask at the Circulation Desk in the Library for a card. You will need to provide some identification in order to obtain a card. There are some limitations on the use of the card. The card does not enable you to use the computers in the Computer Commons area of the Library Media Center.

    Link: Community Borrower Card Information
  • How do students get a library card?

  • Your student picture identification card is your library card. Get your picture ID cards at the Student Life Office in the Student Union at GCC Main or Bulding C at GCC North when you register. Your card is good at all MCCCD libraries. Note that your library card number is the 13 digit barcode number on the reverse side of your card. The card allows you to check out books, reserve readings and periodicals from the Circulation Desk, and to use the electronic interlibrary loan system on the catalog to obtain books from other campuses.

  • Does the library have wireless access?

  • Yes. More information is available from the campus Wireless Access page. Additional assistance can be provided by the computer technicians at HT1 at GCC Main at the Tech Help desks in the libraries at both GCC Main and GCC North.

    Link: Wireless Access Information

Magazine, Journal, Newspaper Articles

  • Why can't I access the databases from off campus?

  • Most databases may also be searched by students and faculty at Glendale Community College from off campus.

    To access these databases remotely you must use your MEID and password.

    Enter or open the database and then enter your MEID and password in the spaces provided. Your web browser must be configured to accept cookies. If you have difficulty logging in, call the Student Help Desk at 623.845.3555 or email them at  If you are able to log in but are encountering problems with the databases, please email the library at:


  • How do I locate articles in periodicals (magazines, journals, and newspapers)?

  • Most of the library's articles are available online and can be accessed either through the library databases or the One Search system located on the home page of the library.

    Additionally, we carry some articles in print via subscriptions to various magazines, newspapers and research journals.

    If you are looking for a specific periodical title, please use our Journal Finder Tool.

    [Info helps to answer Eng101 / Coyle assignment.]

    Link: Journal Finder Tool
    Link: GCC Print Magazines and Journals
  • How do I use a database?

  • Each database is different. It is a good idea to spend a few minutes before you begin searching in the database to read the help features. Your searching will be more productive. Generally, databases can be searched by subject, keyword, natural language, or a variety of guided search methods that allow you to customize your inquiry. Of course, you can ask a librarian to help you!

    Take a look at Section 4 of the GCC Library tutorial for information on how to use a database.

    Link: Database Tutorial
  • How do I find a scholarly journal article?

  • To locate scholarly or academic journals in a database, select the check boxes labeled "Scholarly," "Peer-reviewed" or "Journals". Your searching will be restricted to this type of publication. 

    Link: Scholarly Journal Information and Criteria

Media Services

  • Can I fax something from the library?

  • Yes. At GCC Main, contact at Media Services (east end of the building) and the Circulation desk at GCC North. This service is free and is for local calls/transmissions only (area codes 480, 602, 623), although some restrictions may apply. The campus mailroom in the Administration building also provides fax services as well. Check with them for cost and other limitations.

  • Where do I get headphones to use on the computers or to listen to the television in the lobby?

  • You can check out headphones from the Circulation Desk (GCC Main). At GCC North, headphones are only available for computers and can be checked out at the Circulation/Media Services desk.

    Effective Tuesday, June 8, 2010, Media Services will have earbuds and headphones for sale to students. The cost is $1.50 each.

    We will continue to have a limited supply of headphones for circulation but many of them have become damaged due abuse.


  • How do I begin my research in the library?

  • A good place to begin is at the Information/Reference Desk. Really. Rather than leap into the catalog or databases, consult with the reference librarians about your assignment. The librarians can suggest appropriate research tools to help make your research more efficient and effective.

    More information about contacting librarians: Ask a Librarian

    Of course, where you begin your research depends upon what you need to know or what information you already have. It is important that you clearly understand your assignment. Depending on your topic, you may need to use a variety of books, articles, and open web sites, or maybe just one source will be enough. You can save some time by getting some advice before you start.

    Link: Ask-a-Librarian
  • How do I select a topic for research?

  • If your topic has not been assigned to you, and you're not sure about a topic, there are several resources that can help you focus on a subject.

    10,000 Ideas for Term Papers, Projects, Reports and Speeches by Kathryn Lamm is a good source for potential topics in a wide range of subject areas. A symbol is included with each topic to give you an idea about the level of research and resources required to write about it. The latest edition of this book is available at the Information/Reference Desk.

    CQ Researcher is an excellent source for contemporary topics. Each issue provides an overview of the subject, chronology, issues involved, pro/con debate, and relevant resources. This is available both electronically (see our Articles & Databases page) and in paper*.

    Issues & Controversies is similar to CQ Researcher, and, it is also available both electronically (see our Articles & Databases page) and in paper*.

    Pro/Con Resources & Contemporary Issues: Use this linked page to browse the LMC print collection of books that address contemporary issues in a pro/con and topic overview format.

    *Pro/Con-Contemporary Issues table/section:

    GCC Main: this table is located between the Information Desk and the Computer Commons has books that you can check out of the library. The books contain essays that represent a various viewpoints on the topic.

    GCC North: the Pro/Con section is located on the first range of tall shelves in the General Collection.

    Link: Contemporary Issues & Pro/Con Collection

Textbooks and Reserve Materials

  • Does the library collect the series of Honors Forum lectures? Can I get a copy of the lecture that I missed earlier in the semester?

  • Yes and no. 

    Yes.  GCC Libraries collects the Honors Forum Lecture Series.  More than 100 titles are available at GCC libraries on DVD or CD.  Users can find these by searching the library catalog.

    However, copies of lectures from the CURRENT semester are available from the Honors Office at GCC Main campus.  Additionally, some of the other colleges have copies on reserve at their libraries. 

  • Where do I go to get materials that my instructor placed on reserve?

  • At the Circulation Desk (also known as Access Services counter) at the west end of the GCC Main LMC and the Circulation/Media Services desk at GCC North. Please provide your instructor's name or class (e.g., PSY101). You will need your student id card to borrow them. Most reserve books are available for use in the library two hours. You can use the online catalog to determine if your instructor has placed materials on reserve for your class. Open the "Books & Media" link on the LMC home page, then open the "Reserves" tab. Then, enter your course or instructor's name. [Info helps to answer Eng101 / Coyle assignment.]

  • What are reserves? / What is a reserve?

  • Reserve items are a separate collection of specific books, periodical articles, maps, and various media items that are set aside for a particular course and are available for students to use in the library. These items are placed on Reserve by the academic departments and/or individual instructors. 

    • A current student ID MUST be presented for check out.
    • Reserve items check out for 2 hours only
    • They may not be renewed and may not be placed on hold.
    • The LMC is not responsible for any assignments missed due to lack of availability or missing Reserve items.
    • Reserve items are for library use only and may not leave the building.
      • If a Reserve item is not returned in a timely manner, the borrower will be charged the cost of the item, a non-refundable $10 processing fee per item, and a non-refundable $10.00 a day fee (to a maximum of $70.00) per item.  The replacement cost may be waived if the item is returned, however, the $10.00 a day fee and the $10.00 processing fee will not be waived.

  • What textbook is used for my class and where can I get it in the library?

  • The bookstore has booklists and supplies of texts arranged by course and instructor. If you are not certain about the required and optional texts from the information available at the bookstore, check with your instructor for the text used in your class. Some classes in the same subject may use a different textbook and supplementary readings.

    In addition, you can access the Campus Bookstore web site to determine your required textbooks. Use the Textbook Look-up Tool provided on their website.

    The library does NOT buy textbooks. However, the library may have books that instructors have placed on reserve at the Circulation desk for library use only.

    Link: GCC Bookstore
Building: Library Media Center (LMC)
Circulation: (623) 845-3109
Reference: (623) 845-3112

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