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At GCC Library, we offer classes and a variety of events. For up to date announcements of the latest events and happenings at the GCC Library, please see our social media pages:

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Currently, the GCC Libraries do not have any upcoming events listed. That said, keep checking back on this page for new and upcoming events from the library.

IFS Classes

Information in a Post-Truth World (IFS201)

  • Development of critical thinking skills in using information. Exploration of how information can be used as a tool or a weapon. Explanation of the role of information as a consumer and creator. Recognition of the impact of culture and worldview on how information is understood, created, and disseminated. Prerequisites: A grade of "C" or better in ENG101 or ENG107.
  • General Education Designations: L, SB
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Information Without Borders: Research in a Global Society (IFS210)

  • A comparative study focused on access to digital information in a global environment. Explore the global culture developing around the Internet and the impact of local, national and global cultures as well as economic and social factors related to the flow of information in a global society. Examine emerging technologies to produce and distribute information across cultures in a global society in an ethical manner. Prerequisites: None.
  • General Education Designations: G, SB
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