Printing in the Library

10 cents per page black-and-white (single-sided or double-sided) | 50 center per page color (single-sided or double-sided)

Printing from Library Computers

If you are in the library...

  • Add money to your account either utilizing the credit card machines by the scanners or through WebPay (explained below)
  • Log into a library computer and print normally
  • Log into the print station in the computer lab to release your job


Adding money to your printing account online...

  • Login to Papercut (MEID and password) >
  • Select Add credit (left hand column) >
  • Select Amount to add (dropdown) then Add value >
  • Add credit card details and select Pay now
  • Select Transaction history to check funds (left hand column)

WebPrint (Printing from personal devices)

Send jobs to the print queue...

  • Connect to GauchoNet_Secure ( and password) >
  • Login to Papercut (MEID and password) >
  • Select Web print (left hand column) >
  • Select Submit a job >
  • Select Print options and Account selections and choose printer. If on the Main Campus, select Main/BW or Main/Color; If on the North Campus, select North/BW or North/Color) >
  • Select Upload documents (select from your computer files) >
  • Select Upload and complete >
  • Document held in queue and can be released at any campus printer release station


Main: 623-845-3112
North: 623-888-7112
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